January 28, 2009

Sam relaxing

I was able to grab a picture of Sam while he was reading on the couch. I found this scene of Sam so cute because I heard him talking to himself while reading. He thought the book was hysterical and at the end, closed the book and announced...
"I could read that book all day and all night!"

January 25, 2009

My latest obsession

Glass jars!! I love them. I had been in a basket phase... still am, but now I'm breaking it up with some glass jars. I have them on various table tops.....mostly filled with crayons, markers and math manipulatives. We are not super crafty over here....but, hey if the mood strikes we will know where to find something to draw with :)

I've collected these jars randomly over the year....the large one filled with crayons--I found at Wal-Mart for $7. The others I found for about $5 each. I can't wait for garage sale weather.....that's where the true glass jar bargains will be found!!
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