April 22, 2010

Shorty McShorty , some Puffy Eyes and More

The boys have started a once a week homechool soccer class. The coaches are wonderful, the park is beautiful and the boys love it. They seem to care less about making new friends and are all about the game. They get right out there and start doing the drills. It's extra nice that it meets during the week....during the day. We have to drive about 30 minutes to get there, but it seems worth it.

I've met a few other homeschool moms while there, but no real connections. One mom....a fellow adoptive mom who is in her 60's has been very outgoing and kind to me. The first time we went, I left feeling encouraged and hopeful. I met a couple of moms....one was very chatty...which made it really nice and easy. This second time we went...I left not feeling as encouraged. The chatty mom was not there....my older friend was, but the other moms kept to their cliques.  It made me miss my girlfriends. Later that day...I had an epiphany......I'm not there for me, I'm there for the boys. Not going to go into my full thought right now, but it's all good.  The bad part.....Ross has horrible allergies and the park was making him feel awful. The poor guy, his eyes swelled so fast and furious....red and itchy. He was having so much fun, he did not want to leave. It was a tough call....the class only lasted an hour. We stayed.

Not sure if I made the right call.....being a mom is full of moment by moment decisions. His eyes were so puffy. I gave him his allergy med...plus....I ran out to Whole Foods to see what they suggested. I purchased something called Camu?? I think. It's supposed to be super high in C and like a superfruit. They also suggested that we put Chamomile tea bags on his eyes....we did.
I think they helped. He went to bed shortly after. Oh my, what a long night it was. When his allergies are flaring up and I know he will have a long hard night....especially with breathing.....I have him sleep with me (G goes in with Sam). We were up all night long......he was sneezing, coughing, nebulizing, and more. By morning....he was much better.....and I was the one needing the tea bags.
                                           (Shorty McShorty AKA Frump... in need of makeup and sleep)

Puffy eyes. Oh yeah....I had another hair cut. I edited this to say......it wasn't the cut I was hoping for. It'll grow. Actually, it's really easy so that's a plus. I think I'll like it more in a month or two. G likes it . I called him as I was leaving the salon (he was in the town with the boys) and said "I'm feeling really fragile, don't look shocked when you see me." Thankfully, he said all the right things. I'm going to let it grow for a couple of months and then find someone else to traumatize me give me a new style. New city....new hair.

Oh....while I've got you.....I'm thinking of starting another blog and make it public. I feel bad that everyone has to check in instead of my posts showing up on google reader. I know it's a pain. In fact, my mom and G don't even read anymore because they would have to sign in and all. It's too complicated when they are at work. Anyway. What do you think? Would it make it easier? I would start a new blog and keep things anonymous (so I wouldn't worry about that other person finding it)  On that same note....I'm finding that I'm blogging less and less. How about you?

April 13, 2010

Latest Adventure: The good , the bad and the ugly

The good......we decided to visit a new town on Sunday. It reminded me a lot of our hometown with all it's cute shops and quiet streets....I especially loved this condo building  and it's beautiful windows.

These apartments were across from the diner where we ate. For about 5 minutes we discussed the idea of renting an apartment in this charming town...above a shop. We could walk to everything.....there was a Trader Joe's behind this building. Probably not the most practical idea for us....I'm guessing it might grow old fast. Though, maybe renting a house or condo might work?? It's fun to think we are moving again....crazy....but fun.
We played some football in this park(in the same town)....the cutest little boy asked if he could play with us. I went over and chatted with his abuela....that is we tried chatting. She spoke only Spanish and I spoke severely broken Spanish. It was slightly comical. She ended up calling the boys mom on the phone. All I heard was "Americana" and then she handed me the phone. I found out that the boy had just moved to the area and was lonely...it turns out his mom is a realtor. Interesting...maybe she'll find us our next home? :)
It was a full day....in that same charming town we found a lake where you could rent pedal boats. I just love that town!! The boys had a blast....we all did.
The bad......after we ended our fun day we walked back to our car. There waiting for us was a parking ticket.
We want to go to court and argue the ticket. We were parked where the black pickup is now parked (I warned the driver). There were no "parking prohibited" signs...I just don't get it. Very frustrating.

The ugly.....a couple weeks earlier, I walked out to my car to find it had been hit. Someone hit my car
and drove away. Ugh. I'm not having very good luck with my car in NJ.
Not so pretty.

April 7, 2010

Easter Weekend: Random Pictures and Ramblings

Gosh, where have the days gone? I'm finding myself online less...and less. It's a bit intentional and a bit unintentional. I'm really trying to let this move deeply sink in. Not sure if that makes sense, but it's been hard for me to really accept that we actually live in NJ. That we have actually moved, that our house is actually for sale. Strange, but true. I'm trying to embrace it all....I think. I'll keep you posted ;)

We took a quick trip back home....staying with my parents for a couple of days and then on to Syracuse for Easter with my brother/family. I only managed to take a few random pictures.
A really cool fact....my girlfriends parents grew up in our current town. I chatted with her mom about the best grocery stores and about the area. Very helpful, indeed.

Great grandma turned 96 a few days earlier. We surprised her with a visit.
Great Uncle Dick and Grandma amused us with some stilt walking.
They made these stilts when they were children....they are still kept in Great Grandma's garage.

Our traditional Easter egg hunt at Uncle Robbie's and Aunt Kathy's.
The picture is blurry....but there is a duck couple in the photo. They arrive at my parent's pool each spring. Year after year. I love 'em.   It was a quick trip....so many pictures not taken. I had a nice lunch with my oldest girlfriends while G and the boys visited with some other friends. Fast paced and bittersweet. We knew it would come to an end soon....the boys were SO sad leaving. I'm thankful that as soon as we crossed the NJ border they started saying "I kinda like our home in NJ." "I'm sad and happy at the same time". Just what I was thinking.
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