February 27, 2014

Delicious Days

  They still overlap their legs, just like they did when they were babies. 

Over the years, the boys have developed a passion for cooking. I love that they are so interested in recipes. Give them a cookbook and they are happy to sit and read it, but they also like creating their own recipes.
Ross created "zucchini pizza". They were delicious.
Together they made/created.....Italian Surprise. I'm not entirely sure what
was in it, but it was good. 
Sam came up with the idea for a Chocolate Volcano. He baked 2 cakes, scooped out the inside of both, filled and layered with cherry pie filling, and then placed one cake on top of the other.
                                              It was delicious.

February 21, 2014

Some Stuff To Think About

I really like this blog post, so I'm posting a link to share....and also for me, so I can read again later (because sometimes it takes a while for things to sink in). The part near the end is really making me think. Actually, it's helping me second think some things.

(click good stuff)

Good stuff

February 18, 2014

Worth Smiling Over

*I love that moment when a good, deep conversation with someone turns into a good, loud laugh together.

*One of the perks of living near family again is having a mother in law who loves to cook. And loves to share.

*Knowing this snow will stop soon....even though it feels endless right now....because the first day of spring is just a few weeks away.

*chocolate from Aldis. Who knew?

*Deciding to wait for God's best instead of tolerating a not so great situation. Hard to do, but so worth it. Right??

*The boys asking to visit NJ just about every other day....knowing that they loved their life there. Realizing that a NJ trip also means stopping by IKEA.

* A stack of new books. So good.

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