June 27, 2009

The Twins Vs Mama

The boys and I played a little 2 on 1 this past week. On Tuesday it was baseball.The Yellow Honey Bees .....vs.....

The Pink Petunia. The PP was no match for the HB's.....after a good game...the HB's celebrated with......

....a little bouncing and sliding.

On Wednesday, we switched to some basketball....The Blue Berries vs.....

The Red Pomegranate. BTW-the boys picked all the names. Again...it was a good game, but the BB's outnumbered and outplayed The RP.

Tomorrow, who knows? Maybe a little football.....or maybe they'll get to play one of my sports......bargain shopping or coffee drinking.

June 23, 2009

Summ, Summm Summertime...

I was getting so grossed out looking at that big chunk of meat in all it's red juice glory....I had to upload some refreshing photos to take it's place. Summer has officially begun and it's finally warm....in the middle of a chaotic few days we decided to take a break and go to Grandma and Grandpa's house.

The first jump can be the hardest.....sooo cold at first. After that....fun in the sun. When my parents built their home over 30 yrs ago....my dad also built this pond, complete with a waterfall and bridge. They have their own oasis in the middle of a suburban neighborhood. Right now it's loaded with tadpoles and a few croaking frogs......

.....really loud frogs.
I sat by the edge visiting with my dad. A nice little escape.....until we had to get back to reality and my messy house.....working late hubby and empty fridge. I think we may go back tomorrow ...hopefully G-man can join us there this weekend ....did you read that G? wink, wink.

June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day G.....You are a fabulous Dad and we love you so much!

June 20, 2009

What Up Dawg....I Mean Dog?

I love that Ross and Sam...though just having turned 7.....still like to wear their dalmatian rain coats. In fact, the first drop of rain and they think...hey, lets go somewhere in our coats.

They fall right into character......they become one with their inner "dog".

I love they don't notice the other kids making fun of them as they walk through the grocery store, I love that instead they find joy in making people smile.....and they have fun just being silly. And, I love that they have each other to be silly with. We should all try to find our inner dog.....no not our literal inner dog....just being silly now and then. Risking embarrassment can make you smile...or others smile. I have learned a lot from these sweet boys.

June 9, 2009

Marvelous Hair Adventure-June Edition

I loved all the input on my post from yesterday. It seems like we all have experienced bullying in some form or another.....unfortunately. As I keep learning in life, we can only control the way we act. Again, I'm thankful to know so many thought-filled and sweet people. Now onto a lighter subject......

Do you remember this. I'm sure you have been hoping to never read about or see another picture of my hair again waiting to read about my marvelous hair adventure-June edition.

I'm happy to report that I went back to the same stylist at the same salon....can I get an amen?! I left the salon a little worried....but after styling it on my own, I'm pleasantly surprised again. Phew.

This time she even charged me $2 less than last time...spending only $18. Woo hoo!

June 3, 2009

The Big Picture Post

I'm feeling a bit scattered.....busy-busy as my nana would say. She would also say that things were nice-nice.....and everybody needs to eat a handful of dirt in their life (or something like that). There was wisdom in her little sayings.

The warm weather is taking a long time to come visit our north eastern town. As G-man reminds me...it's early. It's only the beginning of June. The only problem is we have such a short summer. I was hoping spring and summer would become one.....and I have plans.....water plans....eating plans....playing plans. Typical summer plans that we are patiently waiting to put into action.

While writing this post, I heard a thud. Ross was upstairs taking a shower...G-man rushed to see what had happened. Apparently Ross was practicing his yoga poses while in the shower.

I'm so thankful for unexpected laughs from unexpected situations. Ross performing yoga in the shower....unexpected
Here are some Memorial weekend photos I forgot to post.....

June 2, 2009

19 Years Ago Today

Today is our wedding anniversary.....June 2, 1990. Wow. These last 19 yrs have brought many good times ...along with our share of not always good times. 19 years is a long time....we've been through so much together. Happy Anniversary G!

This was the beginning...soon after we first met in 1989. I bet I thought I was having a good hair day....G-man, too. LOL . Indulge me with a little trip down memory lane with G-man and Mimi. I have no clue why I'm talking in the 3rd person.

Praise God!
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