October 27, 2011

Cookies & Rugby

Here is a little video showing a bit of our morning. I threw in the last video of Greg, the boys, ans some friends playing rugby.

I recently read that molasses is good for Endometriosis. That reminded me of ginger snaps! So, when Sam suggested cookies I thought it was a great idea. Please excuse my high pitched voice....isn't hearing your voice on video fun {not}.

A fellow homeschooling dad often holds gym days for kids. This past Saturday, Greg joined him and taught the kids some rugby basics....

October 20, 2011

Another Weekend in the City

Grandma & Papa were visiting last weekend. The weather was beautiful...so we decided to take them into the city for some exploring.
First, we needed some energy. We found a great little restaurant. The food was amazing!
Many people came up to the table and said ....."twins? Ahhh, nice!". They would then pat the boys on their backs and smile. It happened over and over, and was very sweet.

We then headed out for some shopping on Canal St. Tons of people, tons of random items, and the smell of fish in the air.  Before we knew it, we had walked into Little Italy.
Again, tons of eye candy, fun music, and the smell of yummy food. Greg's parents loved it all.

October 18, 2011

Sunday in the City

 We've gone into the city the past two weekends. This was a couple of weekends ago. It took us 25 minutes to drive in......then we got stuck on 42nd street for an hour. Lots of people watching from the car.

Once we found a parking spot, we decided to walk around the Central Park area and just see what we would find. There was an amazing parade going through the area. Lots of music and charismatic dancers.

Within the park, we climbed our usual rock. It was such a beautiful day!

Right outside the park, we found a neat dessert truck{ Waffles & Dinges }. You could have homemade waffle cones with Nutella scooped into the bottom....topped with gingersnap ice cream. So good!

                                       {love that he's wearing gloves!}

 We passed by a couple of police precincts and fire stations. They always remind me of 9/11. We also saw a memorial wall for Steve Jobs......
                                     Lots of traffic heading out {42 nd st}. It was a fun day. I still have a blister on my foot to remind me of our day{and to wear socks next time}.  We went back into the city this past weekend......I'll save those photos for the next post.

October 13, 2011

Things To Share

We went into NYC this past weekend. Pictures and stories coming soon.

 I have been loving Pinterest. I have not been on much lately, but I love how I can store recipes and various ideas. So fun! Here's the link to my boards.

I read this interesting NY Times article on mixed race families. We get questioned and stared at everywhere we go. Some stares are kind....other stares show disapproval (crazy!!) The boys don't notice at all, though they have been getting some interesting questions lately. In fact, while with a small group of families recently I was asked some interesting questions from the kids. I honestly didn't know how to respond to some of them. One sweet, little girl asked...." so they are your kids forever? They belong to you?".

They are honest and innocent questions. It has shown me that many children don't fully understand adoption. I guess, why would they unless they had first or second hand experience? Often, I am hesitant how to respond because I'm not sure how much their parents want them to know. On the flip side, I can see the look in my boys eyes when the questioning starts.....sort of perplexed...."of course we are theirs forever....they are our parents".

Again, they are understandable questions and I love the opportunity to educate and share. I'm so proud of the fact that we are a family through adoption. Just on my mind.....

October 3, 2011

Our Princeton Adventure

Well, now we've fallen in love with Princeton. We would move there in a second if it was
closer to Greg's office. It's about an hours drive from our current town. The drive is a bit of a pain, but once we entered this beautiful area it was all worth it. Wish I had pictures. My camera was waiting in my mailbox when we arrived from our day trip. Of course.

The goal of our trip was viewing the Princeton Symphony Orchestra. They were putting on a family show.....and it was wonderful. Such a nice visit-from the beautiful auditorium on campus, to the friendly and interesting people around us. The conductor was fun and lively.....the orchestra was wonderful (and very interactive).

It was a perfect fall day....until it rained. Thankfully, we were able to walk around campus, tour the town by foot, and make it to our car just as the showers started. Fall has arrived.
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