July 20, 2009

What's Love Got To Do With It?

It was a lovely Sunday morning. We were out of coffee.....a Sunday morning must....G-man had just returned from a coffee and doughnut run. We were all relaxing with double chocolates and Boston Cremes when Ross broke the silence and asked.....

"Mom what does love mean?"

I thought to myself....oh sweet boy, what a great question. What a deep question from such a little person. Such a complex question. I must answer this in an equally complex and deep way...thinking....thinking. I began....

"Oh Ross, what does love mean? Good question! Love is more than just a feeling, love is......"

Suddenly, my little precious deep thinker interrupted....

"Mommm, I mean in... tennis. What does love mean in tennis?"

Oops, never mind. I guess I can save the love talk for another time ;)

July 19, 2009

Water, Water Everywhere

It was a beautiful day. Absolutely lovely....and warm (woo hoo!). I was admiring my flower baskets when I noticed some activity off to the side.......

Upon closer inspection, I find two very cute and mischievous boys....the dynamic duo having some water fun. Seems to be their favorite outdoor activity.

For some reason....trying to fit into a small tub of water seemed like the right thing to do. I'm sure Sam was thinking....you go first. At least Ross took his shoes off first.

Then they pulled out the water soakers.... I like their strategy......spray and run.

Hmmm, instead of each other....why don't we find some targets.

The grill always makes a fun target. Especially if you are into tricky targets....up and over the deck railing.

After some target practice.....they moved onto some other fun.

If you call dipping your head into a bucket of dirty water fun....? Whatever floats your boat ;)

July 14, 2009

Some Random Fun

Our weather this summer has been on the cool side.....and a bit rainy. It actually almost feels like fall sometimes. On a few of those rainy days, I pulled out some "things" that we have not played with in a bit. The boys were actually learning while having fun....that's one of the goals I have. I want to keep the love of learning alive....I hope for fun and learning to sort of melt together. Now, I realize that this is not always possible....but, I'll take the moments I can get. We started with Silly Sentences.

The boys made up some truly silly sentences.

Then we moved on to some Color Wonder....using black paper with rainbow markers. Color Wonder is a mess free way to color.The color appears once you write on the paper. Very surprisingly fun for my non coloring loving boys! Try to say that 10 times fast ;)

July 13, 2009

Marvelous Hair Adventure-July Edition

I could not believe it was time for a haircut already. It feels like I just got my hair cut, but I was having a hard time working with it. Ok then....hair 101.....a sign of a good hair cut is when it grows out well. I really did like my last haircut. It was just fine. But my "like" toward my hair started to dwindle as it started to grow out...it grew out all funky like. Now, that may not be the cuts fault... it just might be my hairs fault....I'm not going to pass blame on either. No.....I'm just going to move on.

Which means.....my fingers started moving in the direction of a new phone number for a new salon. I was able to get a quick appointment....that may or may not have been a good sign. I was so out of it this week....from a nice visit from Aunt Flo. ...oh,that visit wears.me.out. Anyway, I made the appointment and threw caution to the wind. I seem to do that a lot with hair appointments.

I ran into some obstacles along the way....literal obstacles. Roads were closed and there was a giant detour. Not a fun obstacle when you are traveling to a new town and searching for a shop you have never seen before. All worked out well, so I'm not even sure why I shared about the obstacle. I guess I'm painting a picture...sharing the details of my adventure. I finally found the shop and was seated in my chair right away. The stylist was very nice...the salon was hopping (both good things) She decided not to wash my hair. Interesting. That was actually a first....but I'm not even going to analyze it. I actually said...."do whatever you think"! Remember, I was in a hormone fog.

There was lots of chopping....some razoring(not a fan of that) and some more chopping. At the end of the cut, I had that butterfly feeling in my stomach and I was afraid to look in the mirror(as usual). I finally looked....was not overly thrilled, but thought "no biggie, I'll fix what I don't like". After a quick re-style.....because she had used the curling iron on me(that always scares me).....I was happy with the results. Not that much different than last month, though a bit shorter. Hopefully, the cut will grow on me (pun intended). July mission accomplished....total cost.....$22.

I'm smiling for you Erica!!
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