Our Adoption Story part 1

Making a long story into a short story can be complicated. How do you share all the important parts, making sure to not leave out the important details?? Our path to become parents changed us....it's a gigantic part of who we are. How do you put that into a few, short paragraphs? Tricky, but I'm going to try. Besides, as I mentioned before, it's a subject I love to talk about.

Greg and I married young. We never considered that we would have a problem conceiving. But the years started passing without a pregnancy. I was a nanny, I believe my maternal urges were fulfilled by that-- I became very close with that family(so did G-man) and loved watching their girls grow. I nannied for them from the time their girls were born until we moved out of state, for 10 years. During those years, we continued trying to get pregnant. We went to numerous Dr's and had numerous tests. From specialist to specialist---I was undiagnosed, the Dr's were baffled. I did get a diagnosis for Thyroid issues along the way. Not a big deal.
By this point, most of my friends were getting married and having babies.
I became a pro at throwing baby showers and putting on a forced smile through it all. The tears on the drive home were hard to hide.

We had always been open to adoption. It was something we thought we would do later, after we had a couple "of our own". I just could not stop trying to get pregnant. I would think to myself--maybe we'll give up next month, or the next. Just one more treatment. Let me tell you, the treatments were not pleasant. Literally, getting pregnant became my full time job. While living in Ohio I even started a little, infertility support group. It was nice to chat with other women who understood.

Most importantly.....shortly after moving from our hometown to Ohio ,I accepted the Lord as my savior. I believe we were brought away from our comfortable, hometown surroundings on purpose. That's another story, for another time. :) One thing to add......as I look back....I believe my salvation was supposed to come before we became parents.

After much research ,guidance from my very intelligent sister and begging the Dr's for a specific test-- I came away with a diagnosis. I had antisperm antibodies. Again, they were baffled(I was later diagnosed with stage 4 Endometriosis) . Before I was given the blood test to check for the ASA ,the specialist even said...."Oh, you don't have that. But I'll check for you". The test came back at 98%-not a good number for this test. There was nothing we could do. There was/is not much known about this infertility issue.

The visits to the specialists continued. Each time we moved to a new state my hope would rise. Maybe the new Dr would have an answer for us.

Our final transfer was to Detroit, Michigan. We were feeling completely worn out. I was only in my second year of knowing the Lord, G-man had earlier re-committed his life to the Lord.

We had gone to NYC for labor day weekend. The following Tues(??) the towers fell. A boy I grew up with was killed, he left a wife and 2 little children. I remember just feeling so sad. So confused about different things. I remember getting on my knees and giving it over to God.

Greg and I told the Lord that we accept that we may never become parents.....that it was up to Him. God determines our path.  It was then that we felt the desire to go toward adoption.

An amazing thing happened......little did we know at the time, but our boys were soon to be conceived. To be continued............
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