February 24, 2011


{I'm sure my sentence structure and grammar are really off in this post-too tired and wishing for grammar check}

So, my last post.....thoughts from a bad morning. I'm pleased to say that by afternoon things were so much better.
Y'know why, because I ....well because they.......because we all lost our tense attitudes and salvaged a day
that was surely going in my log book as a not so great day. I actually do that...log my days. It's for homeschooling purposes, but I sometimes add in if the day was hard....great.....sickness....whatever.
I shared because I know that I'm not alone in having days like that. I also want to remember the hard days along with the easy. And lately..... the smiles seem to change minute by minute.
It's just one of those weeks....moving week. {heck, it's just life}

Now these pictures.......we look pretty crafty don't we? Truth is.....we are not. I used to be
back in the day. Not so much these days. The boys probably doodled for 10 minutes and then they were off to something else {probably indoor soccer-which is not easy in a small space} They don't really enjoy
crafty things. Though, they humor me now and then.

 Greg has been working late or going for his back therapy every evening this week. He got acupuncture from an older woman with a strong Russian accent...he loved it. Who would have thunk? The boys and I went walking in our winter wonderland woods today. We probably should have worn boots....let's just say the ice was thin and the mud was thick.....there was lots of water, too. But, mud is fun...especially when you are avoiding packing and indoor messes.

I think I saw a NY Jet yesterday. I always happen to look out my window at just the right time. I am certainly starting to feel like Mrs Kravitz. My friend the maintenance man stopped by and told us that another NY Jet{no name yet}....will in fact.....be moving in soon. He tells me lots of interesting things....inside info type of things. I put 2 and 2 together....and now I'm convinced I saw him. Why does that make me feel like a 12 yr old?

Currently, the boys are a bit slap happy....singing September and giggling. And on that happy note.....

February 22, 2011

Mama Said There Would Be Days Like This

Everyone has 'em. The type of day where you want to go back to bed and start all over. Or, just simply go back to bed. Even though I know those days are typical.....they can still throw me for a loop. A downward spiral...if you will.

For me, a day gone bad would have something to do with parenting....or schooling. I am fairly hard on myself.....and sometimes expect too much{of myself and my boys}. If my boys have bad attitudes or they start to bicker....it can squelch any sun trying to shine through. That's not fair to me....or to them. We all mess up.....we all need attitude adjustments {sometime or another}....and we all have off days.

So, when things started spiralling downward today......I tried to .......keep calm and carry on. Literally.

And I made brownies.

I also gave myself a small list of things to get done. I know myself....and my self needs to feel like I've accomplished something.....anything....on a daily basis. Now, that could simply mean plucking my eyebrows....anything.

I switched our gas and electric.....broke down the boys computer {early, but necessary}.....and did laundry. There were other things, but those were my list things. I'm counting down the days.....and getting myself all kinds of excited....and hopeful. I'm sitting here with my grand ideas again....and thinking too much about everything.

Thoughts about the past year and our crazy move will be put to pen soon. Because I guarantee I've learned a few things this past year.

And made a lot of brownies.

February 21, 2011

A Little Ease

I'm amazed and so thankful. On Friday we got a call from Greg's doctor....his culture confirmed influenza A{and she wanted him to start the Tamiflu script-not sure why, it only is effective in the first 48 hrs-he didn't take it}. She shared that this flu was fairly aggressive and we might be in for long days. {When I read this, I became a little freaked out as well} By then, the boys had already started high fevers and were literally couch bound. I barely heard a peep from them all day.....just quiet requests for water and cold washcloths. As I wrote in a previous post....I was preparing for days of feeling sick.....and coming down with it myself.
The day before the boys started fevers... I ran out to Whole Foods.....and searched for my favorite natural dept. employee. He looks just like Kid Rock.....and is so helpful and kind. In the past, he has guided me with mineral makeup purchases.....today he was helping me batten down the hatches and prepare for the flu. I left armed with Vitamin C and a Whole Foods product called Flu Ease (homeopathic med.) The boys and I were to take it with the first sign of illness.....and we did.

                                                                 {they could be twins}

All I can say is.....after taking a couple doses of Flu Ease and a heavy dose of probiotics.....all I came down with was some exhaustion and dizziness. The boys fever broke after 1 day.....by Saturday they were bouncing around the house again. I can't help but attribute this quick recovery to prayer and some natural meds. The boys were also excited to try my friend Ruth's advice to soak their feet in hot salt water....they did....and they loved it. Thanks Ruth!
{hot salt water-felt so good}
Thankful for my {Kid Rock}medicine advisor
For Island friends and remedies
Popsicles, cozy couches, and Food Network
For signed leases, 4 wheel carts from home, and fresh starts

Be well!

February 19, 2011


This song came on the radio while I was driving in my car....alone. I just love songs that make you realize
that you are not alone.....that what you struggle with....or think about....is not unique.

 As I've gotten older I've realized something to be very true......we all struggle with our past in some way or another. It may be as we wrestle with the past in the middle of the night...as I do. Or, it may be in a million other ways. I could relate to each and every word in this song.....

February 18, 2011

Friday Feelings

I had a feeling things were going to get a bit messy around here......so I decided to start preparing for a possible storm. If we were not moving next weekend....I wouldn't be so concerned. But we are and as soon as Greg got sick I started worrying. Because we are only moving a few doors down, we decided not to pack anything. Clothes will be thrown in garbage bags and everything else will be put on a 4 wheel cart. We hired movers for the big stuff. That's fine and dandy....as long as everything goes as planned.

But such is life....and things rarely go as I plan. Greg came back from the doctor with a script for Tamiflu {yuck-decided not to take it} That stuff wreaked havoc on us during the piggy flu of 2009.  A few hours after he came home....the boys had fevers. Yesterday, I was running around like a maniac.....packing things, buying popsicles, making important calls. If mama goes down {gets the flu}, the ship could go down.

{from piggy flu 2009-oh what a week-remember his flu hat?}
{he looks about the same today...same jammies, different couch}

In the midst of all the worry....my mind has been also thinking of other things. I've been loving my time reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. I really like Ann.....I hope she doesn't mind me calling her by her first name. After watching her videos on Incourage, I feel like I know her a bit better. I do believe this will be the first book I actually finish {in a really long time}. Through all the chaos of the last month {back issues, where to live issues} I'm trying to recognize and focus instead on the many things to be thankful for.....and there are so many.....from unexpected free roses.....to hot cups of tea.....so many things in between.

I have an idea for a way to log our thanks in our new abode. Excited to get that idea started.

February 17, 2011


Everything looks better with flowers. Even our messy.....cluttered....preparing to move space.

Greg has a little flu bug.....he's been home sick for a few days. Just when his back was feeling better....wham....he gets sick. I thought it might be a man-flu...not sure.
The roses......a Valentine's gift from Trader Joe's. They gave them to me as I was checking out{ they gave them to everybody}. So fun.

and oh my word, there is a whole website devoted to it....

February 14, 2011

Winter, Beach Style

 We were in the mood for one of our mini adventures.....because of the 'ol back situation we had been stuck home for a while. Greg's new treatment brought.....freedom. I love that our new state allows for visits to the ocean or the big city.

We heard there may be seals hanging out at this particular beach. We didn't find seals, but we found.......beauty and fun
We found history........and excitement in the form of this historic lighthouse and old army base.
We walked 95 winding steps to the top. Once there, we could see NYC.........massive ships......the ocean.....and more eye candy.

These little old army houses were awesome. I would love....love to renovate and live on this little peninsula. It hit us then......that would be something we may try to do in the future {not this particular historic site, of course....but somewhere}.

It was a wonderful Saturday....from beginning to end. I needed a day like that.
{now, the next day wasn't so fabulous....but this is real life, right?}
As I remind the boys.....each day is a new opportunity....a new beginning....His mercies are new each morning. Thank God for that.

February 12, 2011

Between the Lines

I should be taking a shower and getting ready for the day. We are heading to the beach. Yep, it's freezing and we are going to the beach....hoping to see some seals. At least find a fun restaurant along the way.

I'm writing this for no particular reason at all.....well yes, there is....I'm writing this for me.  I may write about the little things going on....grocery shopping trips, our day, basic stuff. Through it all....there is so much more going on. I often think...after writing.....but, that wasn't the full picture. There is always so many more details...I'm sure this is true for all of us.

This week.......

There have been emotional lessons learned.

There has been worry over heart issues...of the physical kind. With every breath.

There has been encouragement from long distance friends....and encouragement given back.

There have been birthdays gone bad.....words that can't be taken back.....but apologies accepted.

There have been attitudes needing adjustment.......feelings hurt......forgiveness.

There have been smiles masking pain......and then replacing pain. Smiles.

There has been real, deep, growing, and feeling life.

And right now as I write this......I swear it's a message from the good Lord.....my neighbor has his music playing so loud......and I'm dancing in my chair. I'm going to miss that loud and restless guy. The song he's playing? The Doobie Brothers....Listen to the Music....{I kid you not}

"List'nin' for the happy sounds ....And I got to let them fly....woah oh oh listen to the music"

February 11, 2011

Warning: Boring and Random

I just tried uploading a bunch of pictures....for some reason it didn't work. {Remember} when I recently purchased a new laptop, but was hesitant to use it because I did not love it....and thought I might return it. Well, I did return it...and it felt great. I was able to get my current laptop working again-by way of a $12 cable ordered off Amazon. So now I have a new camera that I have not used yet.....not sure why...it's just become a habit of mine to buy and hold. 
{winter picture from our old house}

I had a great picture of the townhouse the boys and I viewed last night. It suddenly came on the market and sounded great. There was a great pool, fitness center, and tons of space. I should have known something was up when there were no pictures posted with the listing. I wish I could share the carpet....oh the carpet. I have never seen such a dirty carpet.  The owner refuses to change out the carpet.....so that will not be our future home.

{another one}

I've been on the fence about the townhouse we have on hold. We really wanted a house with a yard, but had not seen one that fit our needs. Randomly, at 8:30 pm someone knocks on our door.....it's my buddy the maintenance guy. He said that he unlocked the unit {on hold} and we could run down and take a look at it. They are weird here....you cannot view your unit before move in date. Crazy, huh? You are supposed to view the model and assume that is what you are getting. I ran down and fell instantly in strong like with the place. It was bright....and cozy....and just had a good vibe. It feels like a fun city apartment.....though really we are 20 miles from the city and I rarely go in. Nonetheless, it will be a fun and different home for the next year. 2 weeks until the move.....I guess we better sign our lease. Y'know, first the laptop...then the camera....now the townhouse..... I'm wondering if I have fear of committing?


*Greg is trying a new doctor as I type this! He was not feeling good about the previous practice and treatment. The new place tries to avoid surgery and pain meds. Hoping for healing!

February 6, 2011

In Which I Lose My Mind

I believe an update about Greg is due.....forgive me for letting it hang in the wind and thank you for thinking of him. He did go for his injection on Thursday. Unfortunately, he was not able to finish his treatment due to extreme....nauseousness. Who would have thunk? He has 3 more procedures to go. Holy Guacamole. 3 more shots in the spinal area....3 more nauseous, yet healing moments.

Have I told you lately.....that I do believe I am losing my memory a bit. The story that I'm about to share has happened to me twice in the last week. Twice! Each time I walked away feeling stumped and bewildered. Or maybe that is how I got into each situation....

So, on Sunday we drove 30 minutes to our favorite grocery store...the one that reminds us of home {Wegmans!}. I need a bit of Wegmans now and then. Greg was wandering the store with the boys as I was moving my way through the crowds. It was SO crowded. I don't like crowds...at all. I get a bit woozy in crowds. For some reason my cell phone would not stop ringing....it was very random.....family and friends from home decided to call all at once {ok, only 3 or 4 calls...but it felt like a lot}. I was working my way through a specialty part of the store...an area that was attached to the main store. Thankfully it was all guiet and calm in there....but it was crowded with merchandise.

As I'm walking down one of the slim aisles....my phone rings as a gentleman starts walking toward me. He's staring directly into my eyes, but he's not smiling. I could barely push my loaded and heavy cart, but I manage to smoosh it out of his way.....give him an eye roll-sorry look and try to allow him to pass. He just stares at me and stops. Umm, awkward. I kept pushing the cart into this corner of the store....trying to get out of his way, he just watched me with this odd look on his face. For a moment I thought...."is this guy flirting with me?".

I fumble with my phone and then he asks......"Is that my cart?"   By George, it was his cart.....his cart loaded with fully paid merchandise all in their own special bags and boxes. Clearly, this was the cart of carts.....and I do believe that he thought I was trying to steal it?? Because I could have....it was paid for....I could have walked right out of that specialty section and into the parking lot. I'm pretty sure I had it for a significant amount of time. Poor thing, he had been searching for it.

I blamed it on the phone.....told him that it would not stop ringing {all those 3 or 4 times} and asked him if he could help me find my cart....which he did...and which happened to be filled with tons and tons of Lean Cuisines!! Of course I would want his cart instead of mine.

The whole scene looked highly suspicious.

I'm not sure if he believed me.....I did hear him chatting with his woman friend about the whole thing. She kept asking why I had their cart. I decided to just grab my LC's and check out of Wegmans. I was done.

*BTW-the LC's were on sale for $1.99, Greg likes to keep them in his office. He must have bought about 20 of them. After hearing what happened, Greg believes that the man...in fact.....did think I was stealing his cart. What can I say?

*The second time I did it....the boys and I were in Trader Joe's. I took a doctor's cart. He was wearing scrubs and was buying Challah. It looked delicious.

February 2, 2011

Ice Ice Baby

                                    Alright, stop....collaborate and listen.
                                   Ice is back and it's covering everything

         Something grabs a hold of me tightly. I realize it's my man with his back pain... waking me nightly.
Will it ever stop, yo I don't know. Turn off the lights and I'll go....{back to sleep}

To the extreme I rock a coffee pot like a vandal {I make really bad coffee}. Light up a blender and wax a smoothie like a candle.

If there is a math problem...yo I'll solve it...check out the book while my boys revolve it.

        Ice ice baby....... We've got.....lots of.....ice, ice baby.

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