February 24, 2011


{I'm sure my sentence structure and grammar are really off in this post-too tired and wishing for grammar check}

So, my last post.....thoughts from a bad morning. I'm pleased to say that by afternoon things were so much better.
Y'know why, because I ....well because they.......because we all lost our tense attitudes and salvaged a day
that was surely going in my log book as a not so great day. I actually do that...log my days. It's for homeschooling purposes, but I sometimes add in if the day was hard....great.....sickness....whatever.
I shared because I know that I'm not alone in having days like that. I also want to remember the hard days along with the easy. And lately..... the smiles seem to change minute by minute.
It's just one of those weeks....moving week. {heck, it's just life}

Now these pictures.......we look pretty crafty don't we? Truth is.....we are not. I used to be
back in the day. Not so much these days. The boys probably doodled for 10 minutes and then they were off to something else {probably indoor soccer-which is not easy in a small space} They don't really enjoy
crafty things. Though, they humor me now and then.

 Greg has been working late or going for his back therapy every evening this week. He got acupuncture from an older woman with a strong Russian accent...he loved it. Who would have thunk? The boys and I went walking in our winter wonderland woods today. We probably should have worn boots....let's just say the ice was thin and the mud was thick.....there was lots of water, too. But, mud is fun...especially when you are avoiding packing and indoor messes.

I think I saw a NY Jet yesterday. I always happen to look out my window at just the right time. I am certainly starting to feel like Mrs Kravitz. My friend the maintenance man stopped by and told us that another NY Jet{no name yet}....will in fact.....be moving in soon. He tells me lots of interesting things....inside info type of things. I put 2 and 2 together....and now I'm convinced I saw him. Why does that make me feel like a 12 yr old?

Currently, the boys are a bit slap happy....singing September and giggling. And on that happy note.....


Alicia said...

Another day in the life of a homeschooler! Love it!!

"Do you remembah..the 21st night..Septembah.." LOVE IT!

Darcie said...

Always fun to end a day(and a post),on a happy note. Thanks for the reminder that just because a day starts off bad, doesn't mean it has to continue or end that way.

Have a great weekend Mimi!

Life with Kaishon said...

A New York Jet : )
That is pretty exciting stuff!

Jana Guild said...

I love that song - that one can put me in a good/better (at least) mood instantly.

Glad you made it through the week! Is a NY Jet a football player? I have NO clue.


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