February 11, 2011

Warning: Boring and Random

I just tried uploading a bunch of pictures....for some reason it didn't work. {Remember} when I recently purchased a new laptop, but was hesitant to use it because I did not love it....and thought I might return it. Well, I did return it...and it felt great. I was able to get my current laptop working again-by way of a $12 cable ordered off Amazon. So now I have a new camera that I have not used yet.....not sure why...it's just become a habit of mine to buy and hold. 
{winter picture from our old house}

I had a great picture of the townhouse the boys and I viewed last night. It suddenly came on the market and sounded great. There was a great pool, fitness center, and tons of space. I should have known something was up when there were no pictures posted with the listing. I wish I could share the carpet....oh the carpet. I have never seen such a dirty carpet.  The owner refuses to change out the carpet.....so that will not be our future home.

{another one}

I've been on the fence about the townhouse we have on hold. We really wanted a house with a yard, but had not seen one that fit our needs. Randomly, at 8:30 pm someone knocks on our door.....it's my buddy the maintenance guy. He said that he unlocked the unit {on hold} and we could run down and take a look at it. They are weird here....you cannot view your unit before move in date. Crazy, huh? You are supposed to view the model and assume that is what you are getting. I ran down and fell instantly in strong like with the place. It was bright....and cozy....and just had a good vibe. It feels like a fun city apartment.....though really we are 20 miles from the city and I rarely go in. Nonetheless, it will be a fun and different home for the next year. 2 weeks until the move.....I guess we better sign our lease. Y'know, first the laptop...then the camera....now the townhouse..... I'm wondering if I have fear of committing?


*Greg is trying a new doctor as I type this! He was not feeling good about the previous practice and treatment. The new place tries to avoid surgery and pain meds. Hoping for healing!


Tara said...

Not sure if I want to see a picture of the carpet or not. Would like to see how gross it was but then again, I probably wouldn't want to see that.

Hope this new place is "the one."

Alicia said...

I know it's alot of work to move, but this one sounds great!!!!

And I will be praying for your hubby!!

Darcie said...

Fear of commitment...I get it. Especially with large expense of items. Laptop, cameras, leases. Hope you can settle comfortably on the new cozy duplex.

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