April 25, 2014

You Don't Know......

I'm not sure if it's the singing off key, the random lip movements when they don't know the words, or the passion and hand gestures when they do? Maybe it's Greg shaking his head and grinning ( as he usually does with me and my antics) that makes me smile. This home made video reminds me that seasons change. This was taped a short time ago, but these days I'm pretty sure my boys would not have participated as enthusiastically. Maybe a drum or electric guitar solo.....? ( and, oh, please ignore the twisted seat belt??)

April 5, 2014

Memory Lane

I have no clue why I have been blogging so much lately. Maybe because I'm not on Facebook?
Mostly because I look back at the last few years of blogging and I am so very glad that I have so many things documented.

Like this post. I had forgotten all about that.

 And this...that basement was perfect for dodge ball. So many changes within our family since that day.

Or, this....And for sure, this! NJ is always on our minds in one way or another. We were always a bit homesick while there, but really enjoyed our life there as well. I miss being in a new city with all its new areas to explore. I felt like we all learned so much in our 3 yrs there.

I came across an old blog post I wrote about one of my (and Greg's) oldest friends. Everyone needs a Carla in their life. She tells it like it is. Even if it feels like she's shaking you a bit while doing so.
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