September 27, 2009

Friday Afternoon in Review

Friday afternoon the boys and I decided to have our annual car inspection/visit the nearby farm market afternoon.....this is our second year. It was a perfect fall day....we dropped the car off and headed down the busy road. The boys decided to jog......

......they had to stop and pose for a picture with Uncle Sam riding a very patriotic reindeer.

I have a thing for flowers......the mums were beautiful. Last year, the straw maze was set up as well....this year, we missed it by one day. The family who owns this little market is so friendly....the place is adorable. We were bummed about missing the maze, but still investigated everything else.

They had fun smelling and viewing the different type of bark on display.

It was a quick and fun adventure....we picked up our car and headed back home. We were all pretty excited.....G was on his way home from another long week away. Upon arriving home, the boys always ask us to stop at the top of the driveway so that they can race us to our house. I love that little habit.....and I love our "annual fall car inspection day" together. It's a simple thing.....the sweetest things usually are just that....simple.

September 21, 2009

B-Ball Break

The weather Saturday was gorgeous.....unfortunately, G was stuck inside for most of the day working on our upstairs project. We decided we all needed some family time and headed outdoors. G suggested basketball, to which the boys replied....."yes! How about boys vs girls! Umm, sure.....3 against 1....sounds fair and even. Not! But, as with previous family sport activities.....I decided to take on the challenge. Not only was I playing b-ball against 3 very sporty and quick boys, but I was yielding a camera while doing so.

We pulled out the flannel pajamas the night before.....the boys loved how cozy they were. Sam loved his flannel sock monkey pajamas so much that he decided to go for the...."record for wearing monkey pajamas the longest!"- his exact words. Add in his glasses that turned to shades in the sun and you have one stylin' boy.

Technically, I should have been the one defending....or offending...not sure of the b-ball term, but yielding that camera became a necessary distraction.

The boys took turns with their b-ball skillz. At one point, a ball was out of bounds....Ross tossed the ball to me and told me to do a thrown in to my teammate. My teammate? I actually threw the ball myself. I've actually mastered that skill.....having played a good amount of 3 vs 1 games.

Sam would stick his tongue out each time he tossed the ball.....I love that little tongue.

It was a nice break and a fun game. I do believe that Sam....did in fact.....break the record for monkey pajama wearing.

September 15, 2009

Random Rambunctious Ramblings

I added the rambunctious in because I was having an alliteration moment. Doesn't happen often so I thought I'd go with it(alliteration, that is).

*I've noticed that my grammar/punctuation has gotten worse since I started blogging. Actually, maybe it's always been this bad and now I just notice it.

*I'm addicted to......... Y'know that thing I do a lot........It's like a giant pause. It just flows naturally out of my head as I write. I have no control over all those little dots. Maybe I need to go to dot detox.

*How you ask a child something makes all the difference. Actually, really listening to a child makes ALL the difference. Recently,one of the boys co-op teachers was questioning if the boys could cut with scissors. She said that they told her they could not. After probing the boys with tons of questions....I found out that they did not know how to cut out the particular picture that the mom had requested. She heard "we can't cut". They were trying to say "we can't cut that particular telephone picture out". I wonder how many things get lost in translation in a child's world. I've realized that a child's simple answer can have far more depth than we realize. Sometimes it's just a simple answer and sometimes they are saying much more. (of course, I've had them do a bunch of cutting activities just to be sure they CAN cut-and they can) ;)

*I've had a massive craving for lemon iced tea. I like it sweet and lemony. I'm talking a serious drinking the whole bottle in a minute craving.

On that note.....

September 13, 2009

Dear C......

Dear C,

You have been on my mind a lot lately. You see, I've noticed that our relationship has taken a turn. From the beginning, we have always had a give and take relationship. Actually, in the beginning were the one giving so much more. With your help we found the biggest joys of our lives. You were instrumental in that path...God used you in big ways.

Then there were various health situations that came up in our lives. Again, you gave and gave.....helping us find what we needed. God used you again in a mighty way. Because of that, I will never doubt what you are capable of. You've introduced me to some fabulous friends....for that I am so thankful. I'm thankful that you have helped me connect with friends and loved ones on days that I do not have time to pick up the phone. You really have kept me connected dear C.

But....and you knew there would be a have also taken from me. You are such a flirt and seem to encourage me to waste time. As I go about my day, you beckon to me....."come sit with me and play...just a little while longer". I look back at our visits and wonder.....was there something more important that I should have been doing? You have allowed me to escape a sometimes busy day.....but not always in a positive way. Some mornings, I visit with you....and realize that an hour has passed, or more. I should have been doing something else.....I could write a long list of other things that I should have been doing.

I blame myself for this, dear C. Truly.....It's not's me. I've realized that maybe we should not visit in the tend to suck my mornings away. Because of all the good our relationship brings.....I am not willing to say good bye. But, I do know that something has to change. Time is passing children are growing and marriage is growing and changing..... Dear C....I see my potential, but are you hindering it or helping it? Are you a positive or a negative influence?

Well dear dear's time to make a book with my kids.....get dressed and start my day. I hope to see you later.....much later.

Your faithful friend,

**While watching Brer Rabbit with the boys today Ross asked what "brer" meant. I answered that I didn't know. He responded...."ask the computer, it knows!". Mr Computer gives as much as he takes ;)

September 9, 2009

If You Give 2 Boys Some Counting Bears

They just might start putting them in equal rows.....creating their own math games . After they start creating their own math fun, they just might start getting all kinds of creative.....

.....grabbing other toys and colorful items for some pretend play. They even might...... a bit by themselves, doing their own thing.......and coming up with their own unique activity.

As they start watching the other play......they just might decide to join forces and combine their colorful fun .
And when some of that colorful fun includes cups and dice......they just might decide to play....."where is the dice hiding?" . With some quick hand action.......and some giggles mixed in.....

....they just might spend an hour or so having fun together.....learning, working together, and laughing. And if you give 2 boys some counting just might make their mom smile for the rest of the day ;)

September 7, 2009


This song is a favorite in our house. The boys love it....and dance to it often, just about every day someone is humming or dancing to it. Of course, I had to store it on my blog for memory purposes. Since Tara is also having Music Monday it worked out perfectly....and of course also because it's September.....

September 4, 2009

Amazing, I Tell Ya

It's amazing to me how one day can go so yummy. Then, the next day you wake up and you just know it will not be a smooth and perfect kind of day. I'm not striving for perfection, but when those close to perfect days come I literally sing around the house.....the singing 'aint pretty, but it's true. On the other days....those not so yummy days.... there is not much singing going on. Nope. But, that's ok......there is always the next day.

My devotion for today was perfect. Honestly, I'm not always good about remembering to read my devotional. It's funny, the days that I do remember......there is always something very wise and pertinent waiting for me.

From Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

".....A refreshed, revitalized mind is able to sort out what is important and what is not. In its natural condition, your mind easily gets stuck on trivial matters. Like the spinning wheels of a car trapped in mud, the cogs of your brain spin impotently when you focus on a trivial thing. As soon as you start communicating with Me about the matter, your thoughts gain traction and you can move on to more important things. Communicate with Me continually, and I will put My thoughts into your mind. "

I like that......having the Lord's thoughts in my mind. I need that....don't we all?

September 2, 2009

Getting into Our Thang

We have entered into the .....finding our groove mode. It happens every September. I'm getting pretty used to it....especially the discouraging thoughts that come with finding our groove. My motto this school year is......

1. I will not ma'am, not going to happen.

2. I will view our homeschooling journey as unique and make it our own.

3. I will allow my house to get messy while I give specific attention to the boys....having a messy house will also include- not putting on clothes until I determine is necessary, if necessary.

4. I will realize that we will not always get our "seat work" done in the morning. In fact, we can come up with our own unique schedule-to be changed when I determine is necessary, if necessary.

5. I will keep in mind that these days are precious.....the boys will not want me to play with them forever.

6. I will maintain my.....heart of a child with the body of a 42 yr doing so, my body of a 42 yr old just may stay fit and full of energy.

7. I will refer to this list on days where I lose focus.....forget why I am homeschooling....or discouragement creeps in.

8. I will try to keep computer time to a minimum.....or at least stay off until I determine is necessary, if necessary.

Above is a picture of some books I found for about $3 it. Below is a picture of the boys playing one of our favorite games.....Scrambled States of America.

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