April 25, 2009

Workin' At The Carwash....

Work and work(*listen to Carwash on playlist*)....As soon as we have the least amount of sun and warmth in our town.... we break out the hose and soap. And when I say we.....I mean G-man and the boys.

G-man is very serious about his car washing......supervising and giving direction at all times.

Not an inch of the car goes un-washed. After a couple of seasons of doing this, the 3 man crew runs like a well oiled machine.

Passing the hose back and forth....and staying out of the path of the wind and water was an interesting process.
I could tell that G-man was just aching to jump in and grab the hose for himself, but he resisted.

Me....well I was observing.

staying away from the cold water and eating a snack

April 17, 2009

Old Is New Again

Recently,we had a short batch of Spring weather.....which got my project juices flowing. I thought it was finally time to tackle the table my Nana had given me 20 yrs earlier. It was one that she had used for many, many years. I'm ashamed to say this antique dining room table has been stored in our various garages for all of those years.....holding our recyclables. Hanging head low, this antique piece of furniture deserved more respect than we had given it. There is a time and place for everything. This was the time and the place. Yes, I believe 20 yrs is enough time to prep for a project.

I honestly planned on doing this project all by myself, but before I returned from the paint store...G-man had already started.....and he was determined to finish.

I did not get a picture of the true before, it was a dark maroon with a million scratches. We would not be able to re-finish it.

We decided to paint it....it's the rage these days, don't ya know. The red looks far brighter in the photo. I'm not sure if I like it red, but I'm thankful for all the hard work G-man put into it. We may paint it black....soon. Now, we just need to find some chairs to go along with it. I was too lazy to move things off of it for this photo. Keeping it real!

Then.....my parents recently brought over some benches that have been in their current basement for 30 yrs. They had been used in their previous home. I remember them well from when I was a little girl. They were used in our family room, around a gathering table......we would eat or play games around it. I especially remember every Christmas Eve.......my mom would fill the table with various appetizers and we would munch and hang out .

So, after a gazillion years....the benches were in rough shape. But G-man had a vision and determination. Plus, we thought they would be fun in our play room.

He completely removed the straps, cleaned the vinyl , spray painted and added Velcro between the cushions. We were thinking of covering them with a different fabric, but the yellow vinyl actually works well in our denim playroom.

Then....we looked in our own basement. We had forgotten about a series of wild life watercolors that my father had painted. They used to hang in the house I lived in when I was little.....they hung on the wall right above those yellow benches. I believe my dad painted them in the 60's. I could not pass up hanging some of his art on our walls.

I found another watercolor of his that I had been waiting to re-frame. I decided to pull it out and will just paint the frame. That will be our next project.....along with spring cleaning, planting a garden and the list goes on and on :)

April 2, 2009

It's the Country Life For Me

I have to say.....it's been a little over a year since we moved to the country and I'm digging it. I think we all Are. The other evening, Papa(G-man's dad) came to visit. The boys were thrilled, they love having Papa around. After dinner, the men gathered for a little football. Papa was wise to stand aside and let G-man get tackled.

A tradition that was started when the boys were really little......riding in the back of Papa's pickup truck. Hmmm, I need to re-think this activity. At the speed that Papa was driving, probably not the safest activity. The boys think it's a blast. Fun vs. safety.....always a tough decision, don't ya think? Noooo, I'm just kidding.

Then it was time for some chases around the house. The boys usually have some theme to their chases. This day they were pretending to be Charlie Brown and Linus being chased by monsters....aka....G-man and Papa. It's amazing how this gets your heart pumping.

I'm guessing it raised Papa's heart rate a bit. He was ready to go home and get to bed after a couple chases.....that is....until Sammy came running with a big hug and pleaded...."But Papa please don't go.... I want to spend time with you!".

Yep, Papa stayed a bit longer. We love that guy!

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