June 23, 2010

Random Rugby

(First we stopped at Chipotle!)

If you know G.....you know that he loves rugby. We actually live 10 minutes from where he went to college and also played rugby...Seton Hall. He has driven us through campus and we've seen his old dorm room. Fun stuff. For father's day...he chose to go to the rugby tournament that was playing in NJ. The Churchill Cup is a tournament...bringing teams from all over. We happened to watch the England vs Canada match.

The stadium was huge and the match....fantastic. Watching a rugby game is a combination
of watching a mini circus act, wrestling match, soccer and football...all in one. We all loved it!!

We got to experience some more of NJ as well.....buying tickets from some true NJ natives(picture the Sopranos) as we walked to the stadium. Of course, I can't simply buy tickets...I have to ask many questions. Is this legal?? To which they replied.....you aren't from around here are you? They talked fast and smooth....and I never did get an answer to my question?? We purchased the tickets while standing next to police....so either it is perfectly acceptable to do so....or it's just one of those things. I've shared that my boys are a bit "street naive"....momma is too!

We wanted to stay for the USA game as well.....but the boys were a bit tired (super hot day too!). Thankfully, we were able to watch it on tv when we got home. If you ever get the chance....check out a rugby game....very fun.

Other news......
While working in Manhattan on Monday.....G called to tell me that he was chatting with one of Donald Trump's assistants. The company that G works for rents a building to the heliport that DT uses. While G was there.....The Donald flew in on a helicopter.....came out with 2 big bodyguards and some pieces of artwork. They all got in a big black SUV and drove off. Now me....I would have yelled...."excuse me Mr Trump......". I'm shy, but can be bold and chatty if I get a whim. Talking to strangers is something I enjoy. I would have had lots of questions for DT. Anyway......

June 17, 2010

Mr Brave: AKA Ross

We started our day around 5:30am am. Thankfully, G was able to join us for Ross's big test. It started in a way that I am realizing is the norm for me.....I plan and prepare.....and then little glitches....or challenges cross our path. They were not big deals, but they were challenges all the same.

Since moving we have yet to get a local bank....plus, we have not found an ATM machine that works with our card. Usually, G will drive to Staten Island where there is a branch of our NY bank and withdraw cash-but he has not had time to do that this week. So, we headed to the hospital and planned on parking in the garage....but they did not take charge....and between the 2 of us we did not have 1 single dollar. We ventured off to find off site parking....in a neighborhood....and then came upon a neighbor. Or, as he called himself...."Citizens Against Hospital Parking" or something like that. He said we could park for 2 hrs and then he would "stripe" our tires. Please Mr CAHP....couldn't you cut us a break? We were going to be longer than 2 hrs....so our test day started with a little  obstacle. We parked for 2 hours and then G ran out and moved our car to another street....it all worked out. Just a little detail that I wanted to document as part of our day.

Ross was then admitted and all his stats taken. From the beginning until the end....all the nurses and staff who worked with us were wonderful. They were upbeat.....thoughtful....and just so sweet to Ross. Ross was such a trooper through it all. It got pretty intense at one point......they numbed both his arms before administering the IV needle, but Ross said he was not ready. He was so sad and worried and kept saying "I'm not ready!" as he was surrounded by 3 nurses. Sam was trying to put his arm around him....G and I were getting teary eyed...and then finally the IV was in. He was getting 2 tests done.....so there was activity on both arms(more needles). Ross chose to watch it all.

His tears dried and he sat back to watch "Cloudy With a Chance Of Meatballs" for the next hour...as we all waited for the second part of his test.
We waited......
.....and waited. I sent G off to work....as I felt that the most traumatic part was over. There was a bit more pain during the second part of his test, but once it was over......Ross had the biggest smile and started laughing and chatting with anyone who would listen.  He was such a brave and patient boy....Sam was such an encourager to him.
The whole procedure lasted just over 3 hours. We decided to go to our favorite Italian bakery on the way home....to celebrate.  The gal at the bakery is so nice and fun to chat with. We've gone in before and she is just such a sweetheart. On our way out........she gave the boys these great cookies.

Tomorrow, we will get up bright and early....go and get blood drawn(Sam too!) and then we will be officially
done with this test. I pray we will find some answers. I pray for good health for both my boys!
*Please excuse any grammar or spelling errors....as I am terrible at grammar to begin with...and lack of sleep with too much sugar doesn't help.

June 12, 2010

Saturday in the Park.....

.....The Liberty State Park....as in the...Statue of Liberty. It still makes G and I sort of ....giggle....when we venture around town. We made a quick trip to Ikea(for another bookcase-yes, folks I have a book addiction)and then decided to ride over to the park. I thought no big deal....it was 5 minutes from Ikea. Except it was sort of a little deal.....we had to drive over another humongous bridge....which caused me to cry....just a little. Serious panic attack..I'm so thankful that our first trip to the park included G. If I had been driving....and realized that I would have to drive over that big bridge....well, I'm not going to go there. I'm very sure I would have froze. Anyhoooo.....

It was amazing to see how close the statue was....and Ellis Island too.  We walked the pier for a bit.

We were thinking of going for a boat ride over to the statue....but decided we would
save that for another day.
Instead, we walked over to the park playground. There were tons of people having cookouts....kids running everywhere. All different kinds of music playing.....all different kinds of food cooking. We were people watching.....life watching....and just taking it all in.

I have to be honest.....this group of kids that Ross and Sam joined....well, these kids had street smarts. Ross and Sam.....their street smarts are a little different...a bit more naive. Plus, we were pretty sure that most of these boys were older than our boys. I have to say...my playground observations....whether in the suburbs or the city.....have been very interesting. Very interesting indeed. Oy!

They all spent most of the time determining who would be "it" for tag.....or forming teams for some game. Lots of planning. Eventually, Ross and Sam got bored and moved on. They were making me laugh(and so sweet), I overheard them discussing how they forgot to tell the boys that they decided not to play.They were worried that they were being rude. I assured them that
it was fine.

It was humid....and we all were getting tired. Time to go home.
An interesting and spontaneous afternoon....tiring too.

June 4, 2010

Lots of Pics from a Short Visit Home

We made a quick trip home...leaving Friday at about 5pm. I know, what were
we thinking.....actually, traffic was not too bad. We arrived in our hometown at
around 11:30pm, I think.

After spending the night at my parent's home....we started our busy Saturday, making our visits to a few friends and family. Here is a pic of great grandma.....sitting under a huge flower basket. She is so amazing....at 96!

Some yard games....including this game and hide n seek. Everyone got involved....all
the adults played too! I love that about G's family.

G ran pushed grandma around.....

 Then a "freewheel race" started.......great grandma was such a good sport as they raced down the street.

Some cake and treats......the boys turned 8 the week before. Carla and Jo also came by great grandma's to
say hello.....no photo as evidence though ;)

                                                We left great grandma's house and quickly cruised over to visit some of our oldest friends. My girlfriend had gathered a few friends for our visit. It felt so comfortable and nice.....being with people who "get" you and love you in spite of your flaws. ( a little brag for my friend in the red shirt...he's a camera man for our local news and was recently nominated for an emmy)

                                                            The few days before our visit had been super emotional for me.....just one of those bad weeks. It felt good to be home.

(looking for a huge toad that was croaking)
  We then went to my parent's house for dinner with a couple of my siblings. It had been forever since I had a chance to sit down and chat with my sister. We are so different...right down to our hair color(blonde vs. brunette). She had me laughing so hard.....I also realized that we are more similar than I had ever realized.

My mom made the boys an ice cream cake.  Homemade ice cream cakes are
so good!

The next day.........another fast paced day.

They crack me up.....they always do the same pose when I request a photo.

I think we were timing them while they had their heads under water??

Some more birthday cake....followed by a big game of tag.
And then it was off to our traditional birthday dinner with Papa and Grandma at
Red Robin.

We were all falling asleep at this point.

Then it was back to New Jersey...getting stuck in traffic again.
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