June 17, 2010

Mr Brave: AKA Ross

We started our day around 5:30am am. Thankfully, G was able to join us for Ross's big test. It started in a way that I am realizing is the norm for me.....I plan and prepare.....and then little glitches....or challenges cross our path. They were not big deals, but they were challenges all the same.

Since moving we have yet to get a local bank....plus, we have not found an ATM machine that works with our card. Usually, G will drive to Staten Island where there is a branch of our NY bank and withdraw cash-but he has not had time to do that this week. So, we headed to the hospital and planned on parking in the garage....but they did not take charge....and between the 2 of us we did not have 1 single dollar. We ventured off to find off site parking....in a neighborhood....and then came upon a neighbor. Or, as he called himself...."Citizens Against Hospital Parking" or something like that. He said we could park for 2 hrs and then he would "stripe" our tires. Please Mr CAHP....couldn't you cut us a break? We were going to be longer than 2 hrs....so our test day started with a little  obstacle. We parked for 2 hours and then G ran out and moved our car to another street....it all worked out. Just a little detail that I wanted to document as part of our day.

Ross was then admitted and all his stats taken. From the beginning until the end....all the nurses and staff who worked with us were wonderful. They were upbeat.....thoughtful....and just so sweet to Ross. Ross was such a trooper through it all. It got pretty intense at one point......they numbed both his arms before administering the IV needle, but Ross said he was not ready. He was so sad and worried and kept saying "I'm not ready!" as he was surrounded by 3 nurses. Sam was trying to put his arm around him....G and I were getting teary eyed...and then finally the IV was in. He was getting 2 tests done.....so there was activity on both arms(more needles). Ross chose to watch it all.

His tears dried and he sat back to watch "Cloudy With a Chance Of Meatballs" for the next hour...as we all waited for the second part of his test.
We waited......
.....and waited. I sent G off to work....as I felt that the most traumatic part was over. There was a bit more pain during the second part of his test, but once it was over......Ross had the biggest smile and started laughing and chatting with anyone who would listen.  He was such a brave and patient boy....Sam was such an encourager to him.
The whole procedure lasted just over 3 hours. We decided to go to our favorite Italian bakery on the way home....to celebrate.  The gal at the bakery is so nice and fun to chat with. We've gone in before and she is just such a sweetheart. On our way out........she gave the boys these great cookies.

Tomorrow, we will get up bright and early....go and get blood drawn(Sam too!) and then we will be officially
done with this test. I pray we will find some answers. I pray for good health for both my boys!
*Please excuse any grammar or spelling errors....as I am terrible at grammar to begin with...and lack of sleep with too much sugar doesn't help.


Carla said...

So glad that the "hard" part is over. I just have such a hard time with this kind of thing. Truly I would stand in front of a moving vehichle to protect my children...he looked so drawn in that one picture. Poor boy. We will be praying. Thank You Jesus that this will all be behind you guys soon.

Wendy said...

Wow...the parking Nazi...to much! Glad day on is over...praying things will go well for everyone tomorrow, and that you get some clear answers. Those cookies look awesome...make me want some iced sugar cookies. ;)

Life with Kaishon said...

I prayed for him.
Love you. Mean it.
I don't love the parking man at all.
I DO love the cookie lady at the bakery!

Delane said...

Glad the day went well, even with the obstacles. The hospital I work at is in a residential neighborhood....with those same types of neighbors. Yuck! I agree, you deserved some slack. I hope the test results are good news!

Darcie said...

Sorry it's been so long since I have checked in Mimi! What a trooper Ross was and what an amazing buddy Sam was. I know it is so hard on both patient and supporters when you see someone hurting! Thank goodness for sweet bakery people...looked like yummy cookies!!

Stacey said...

Aww..it's hard to watch our kids go through something like that! Looks like he did great though!

I guess that guy shouldn't of moved close to a hospital, huh! What a jerk! Thank goodness for the cookie lady!

Jana Guild said...

I missed this update somehow. I'm still in CA - but will be home soon, so we can chat. Hope all is well with the boys and that you get your answers soon!


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