May 28, 2009

Mova Furnituritis

While sharing with my girlfriend, Tiff,  about some recent furniture re-arranging.....she informed me that I have ....."mova furnituritis" which I replied...."what's the medication for that condition?"

Tiff answered........"Stopitcet......helps you stop w/ a little percocet thrown in for all the sore muscles from the over the top furniture moving". That girl is so funny.

Oh, on that sore muscle a moment of confusion...I ordered "The Shred"! What have I done?

I was writing my thoughts about our latest furniture re-arrange, when G-man looked over my it and stated....."more about furniture moving? really? haven't you written about that subject already....a lot?."

Yes, Mr Blog Critic (aka G-man)....You are correct, I have shared about my obsession passion for moving furniture on my blog....too much already. So, okay.....I will not write about my new vision for the furniture...the furniture that I was sure had finally found it's proper position in our home only to realize there was a better position...or place, whatever you want to call it. I will not share how you helped me move this furniture without even one grumble or complaint (thank you!). In fact, I was pleasantly surprised when you said that you actually like the new furniture placement...AND you then proceeded to prime and paint a piece of furniture....found in our basement....that will go perfectly with this new above mentioned placement.

Also...I promise...because it is pretty boring...I will not share how I made chocolate covered strawberries during our movapalooza.....because I was having a craving. They are so good and so easy to make. And most important....Mr Blog Critic (aka Mr love of my life) I will not share pictures of the above not-mentioned furniture placement because that would add to how boring this post is.

But, this blog is about our memories....and I'm very sure that this moving day should be stored in our memory was an evening of teamwork,strawberries and smiles.....this may be a boring blog post, but it sure was a good night.

By the way, I'm working on the upstairs today;) I promise, no writing about it and no pictures.....unless that move also turns into a fun memory moment and I just can't stop myself.

May 18, 2009

Because The Daisies Were Lonely

As soon as I saw those lovely Daisies on Mother's Day morning....I knew we would be adding more. I've said it before, I love flowers. That could also translate....I heart flowers. So, a flower shopping we would go......We took both our cars, knowing we would be needing the room. So, of course I jumped at the chance to capture a shot of G walking with the boys. Gets me every time.
I also love photo's of flowers. A glorious... colorful ...abundance of flowers. Oh, where should we begin? So many to choose.

The boys were each armed with their carts.....we meant business. Even though these photos will not prove it...I promise I was there....acting as paparazzi and all.

We decided to let the boys do some choosing.....because I am terrible at making decisions anyways. Might as well leave it up to the little guys, they know what they like and their decisions are usually final. Unlike mine.

They made some very good choices....I say as a proud momma and flower lover.

There is something about spring and just brings out the love in us. The boys decided right there in the garden center to share the love. They started passing out "spring hugs". That was the exact term that they used. They started with G and then moved on to each other. I loved that my big ,little men were loving on each other....and I have to say it caused a few "awwws" from other shoppers...which the boys did not even notice. They were in their twin zone.....
....and even did a "one legged spring hug" again, their words. BTW-we are actually Yankee fans, not sure how that Mets shirt got on our little guy?

A good flower shopping trip and hug fest should always end with some ice cream. It's in the spring rule book.

And when we go out for ice cream.....generosity is a plus. G always likes a taste. Flowers, hugs and ice cream.....yes, as I mentioned.....we are all welcoming spring with open arms....and mouths.

May 7, 2009

My Marvelous Hair Adventure-May Edition

I've decided to start keeping track of my monthly hair salon visits. Because I have short hair, monthly appointments are usually a necessity. I call this my marvelous hair adventure truly has been an adventure trying to find a great cut. My mom is probably laughing at my photos in this post....growing up I was always saying...."Don't look at me!!!"

This month, I decided to try a salon in a town close to our town. I did a little online search, found the names of a couple of salons, made a few calls and then basically said......eeny~meeny~miney~mo. Done, appt made and let the adventure begin.

And, oh how it began. I found the salon , walked in and sat down. I always find the first impression at a salon somewhat important...not entirely though. I usually scan the hairstyles of the various stylists and then look around at the clients. This salon had me a little worried. I honestly felt as if I had transported to a different time....possible the '80's. That was still OK, I was still hopeful.

I had an appointment with the owner, I felt pretty secure in that decision. She came over ,asked my name and then motioned for me to follow her......straight to the hair washing station. I don't know a lot about salons, but I do know that this was not a good sign. Usually a consultation would come first, then the hair gets washed...more chatting? Not this time, we went straight from the sink to the chair....then my stylist starting to snip! Also not a good sign. There was no discussion of what I wanted , what I didn't want , my hair habits.....all the usual questions. Nope, just lots of snipping.

I always become a sudden whimp as soon as I enter the salon doors....this was no exception. I meekly said...."umm, I brought some pictures to show you....of hair". She glanced at them and said "oh yeah, I do hundreds of that cut". And then she kept cutting.....and cutting....and oh my.....more cutting. At this point, I started praying.....please Lord, make her stop cutting my hair. My stomach started turning and I realized that I had been holding my breath. I'm pretty sure that I held my breath....the entire time I was there!

As I watched my hair getting shorter and shorter.....I kept trying to find the words to say.....stop! Nope, no words.....just panic. I did enjoy the activities surrounding me....many of the patrons were gathered around my chair watching the cutting and chatting with the owner. The people were really very nice.....a couple women were the curl and set crowd(y'know 80 and up). They were so sweet....and could not hear a thing that was being said. Everyone obviously knew each other. I LOVE small town living, I love everyone knowing everyone.....but I honestly felt like I was in my own little '80's movie. The only thing I was concerned was the movie going to end.

(that day,styling it on my own...a bit poofy...Tiffani said I look sassy in this photo...I have no idea why my hands were on my hips)

(It was a bit hard to style the next many layers and really short)

Well, if you have read this far....and have not been bored to will surprised to find out that.....I actually....sort of...kind it. Phew. But, I'm not so sure I'm going back? Maybe? It will go into my memory log as a very strange experience....a step back in time, but surprisingly....not one of my worst haircuts. She put lots of layers in, but it's not that much shorter(how is that possible?she cut so much) It's fairly easy to style. I'm still not sure why I was charged more than her other clients?? Though, the cost was still a pleasant change....only $20. That's half of what I might normally have to pay. Not bad at all. Let's see what next months marvelous adventure will bring.
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