May 28, 2009

Mova Furnituritis

While sharing with my girlfriend, Tiff,  about some recent furniture re-arranging.....she informed me that I have ....."mova furnituritis" which I replied...."what's the medication for that condition?"

Tiff answered........"Stopitcet......helps you stop w/ a little percocet thrown in for all the sore muscles from the over the top furniture moving". That girl is so funny.

Oh, on that sore muscle a moment of confusion...I ordered "The Shred"! What have I done?

I was writing my thoughts about our latest furniture re-arrange, when G-man looked over my it and stated....."more about furniture moving? really? haven't you written about that subject already....a lot?."

Yes, Mr Blog Critic (aka G-man)....You are correct, I have shared about my obsession passion for moving furniture on my blog....too much already. So, okay.....I will not write about my new vision for the furniture...the furniture that I was sure had finally found it's proper position in our home only to realize there was a better position...or place, whatever you want to call it. I will not share how you helped me move this furniture without even one grumble or complaint (thank you!). In fact, I was pleasantly surprised when you said that you actually like the new furniture placement...AND you then proceeded to prime and paint a piece of furniture....found in our basement....that will go perfectly with this new above mentioned placement.

Also...I promise...because it is pretty boring...I will not share how I made chocolate covered strawberries during our movapalooza.....because I was having a craving. They are so good and so easy to make. And most important....Mr Blog Critic (aka Mr love of my life) I will not share pictures of the above not-mentioned furniture placement because that would add to how boring this post is.

But, this blog is about our memories....and I'm very sure that this moving day should be stored in our memory was an evening of teamwork,strawberries and smiles.....this may be a boring blog post, but it sure was a good night.

By the way, I'm working on the upstairs today;) I promise, no writing about it and no pictures.....unless that move also turns into a fun memory moment and I just can't stop myself.


Carpool Queen said...

I am jealous of your drop leaf table. I have wanted one for the longest time, but I don't have anywhere to put it. Argh.

Amber said...

That Tiff...she is a crazy girl. I heart her so much though.

Stopitcet! HA!

Love your furniture placement. And I'm with CPQ...I'm having drop leaf envy.

Dani Joy said...

What a nice lovely and perfectly adorned house! I love the sofa (the wine colored one!) I love how it´s all so clean and organized.

Are you cured?

I honestly don´t like moving furniture. At Christmas we were going to try to make room for our Christmas tree and my hubby (AKE artist)switched my whole living room. of course it looks better but I was not happy at first. ha

Alicia said...

I love all your posts!! LOL..even the moving furniture ones! It's like being able to take a peek into your home! By the way, which I love!!!!!!!

Everything looks so big & cozy!

Darcie said...

I AM NOT ALONE!! Thank you! I love to move furniture around, and thankfully I rubbed off on my husband to the point where I have to tell him, we just did that last month. My kids love their rooms rearranged. It just brings a whole new attitude to the room, and always makes me smile. You are not alone!

Tara said...

I am an organizer but no rearranger but take comfort in the fact that you are not alone. I know many people who have to change the furniture every couple of weeks.

And! why didn't you tell me you had the perfect shade of green paint?!?! I've been in a tizzy lately dealing with paint colors.

mama's smitten said...

Love this post! I think I caught it! Is it contagious? I think I need that prescription! Or at least the strawberries!

really.truly said...

Tara-I'm trying to find a paint swatch to give you the name of the "green" :) I'm pretty sure it was a Behr color(though not Behr paint). I searched forever to find a green that was not too yellow or blue..I'll get back to you on the name!!

Christina said...

Your furniture looks great...and the chocolate strawberries look even better!! I love those things!!

Julie said...

i am laughing so hard at this post because it must have been 2 days later that you were moving things around again!!!! i love it!!! my kindof girl!!!
your boys are adorable and what an amazing story - God is so stinkin good!!!!
anxiously awaiting the pics of the new set up!!!

Life with Kaishon said...

It looks so good. The furniture and the strawberries. HOLY COW do they look good!

Your furniture is warm and homey! I love the feel of your house!

Jana Guild said...

First, I LOVE chocolate dipped strawberries, my all-time favorite! I must make them - right now!

I am a furniture mover, also. Unfortunately, I don't have much opportunity to do it in my house - perfectly appointed spaces and stuff only works a certain way! So frustrating! Yet, I enjoy seeing what is happening in your house. I'll live vicariously through you!

whimzie said...

Tonight K was watching The Ten Commandments with the kids. In one of the scenes the Israelites are pulling on all these ropes trying to move a HUGE statue. Want to know what immediately popped into my head? "They should call Mimi!"

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