August 25, 2010

Visitors and another day at the beach

We had some semi-surprise visitors a couple weekends ago. My friend, Mindy, and I planned for their visit....but we didn't let any of the boys know. Mindy's boys are couple of years older than my guys....but they have grown up together and love their boy time. The way they ran up and hugged each other was priceless. They were only staying for 2 nights and 1 full day. We decided to go to the beach on Saturday....we were disappointed when we got there....the beach was closed because of high tide.
We all sat on the beach and stared at the waves....along with tons of other people.
Mindy cracked me up....she spent the day in long pants and a long sleeve tee....2 hats and an umbrella. 
The lifeguards entertained everyone by body surfing in the high tides.
There were a few arcades and a small amusement park....that made up for the lack of water time.
This picture was taken at our apartment complex. I'll have to post more pictures of where we live soon. It'ssoooo different from our house.
Now, we are gearing up for grandma and grandpa's visit....not sure what's on the agenda yet. I'm behind in many things that I've wanted to blog about....I've just been so darn tired.
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