Adoption Story part 2

I think I left off at the conception of our twins. Not by us-of course. But by another couple who fell in love with no intention of having children together.

G-man and I decided-- no more! Finally, no more specialists and fertility treatments. I could write pages on the natural treatments I've tried. Oh gosh, speaking of -I have to write about this one experience I had. I cannot let this be something I forget. I have already forgotten some of the details, but I still laugh just thinking of the day. It was one of those days that I look back at and think, was that real. Probably, one of those experiences that you need to experience first hand to get the full effect .

While living in Columbus, I had heard about this very old Dr who was well known for his natural approach to medicine. People came from all over to visit his office. On the day I went, the waiting room was filled with Mennonites. I was told they were there for chelation therapy. I believe that is a procedure to release toxins in the body. I actually thought this was a good sign. Then the strangeness began. I guess it's not super common to wait for your Dr in a room full of Mennonites, but it wasn't really strange....anyway....The office manager called me over and shared that I would be meeting with various Dr's throughout the visit. Beginning with the main guru Dr, a sweet old man.

I have to set the scene. The office was an old converted house. Very cluttered and ....well old. There were piles and books everywhere. The main Dr.(I'll call him Old Doc) took me in his office and started asking questions. I'm not really sure if he was even listening to my answers. In fact, I think I remember him nodding off once during our visit. He hooked me up to a machine while we were chatting and proceeded to tell me "why, missy you are barely alive". I'm really not sure what he meant by that and I have no clue what the machine was for,but he was sweet and I must have trusted him.

Next I was guided to another procedure. I was taken to the basement where all kinds of interesting things were going on, it was buzzing with patients. Old Doc told me to take off my clothes and get into this giant bag. Giant bag? Sure, right away. It sort of looked like a big ,white garbage bag with a hose attached. He then turned on the hose and told me he was filling me with oxygen. Or cleaning my cells. I'm really not sure. None of it made sense. All I could think about was that I could not believe I was in my undies in a big, white vacuum bag...and why was G-man not here to witness it. I could not retrieve my cell phone to call him because the bag was tied at the neck! I was trapped! Also, I had no privacy. People would casually walk by me as I lay on a table(in a giant white bag!).Can you feel the desperation that infertility can cause?!

Finally I'm out of the bag and onto reflexology, the next procedure. Out of all the things I endured that day, this was not so bad. Basically, I had a really nice foot massage. The reflexologist did tell me that a sore area on my foot was linked to my uterus. At that point I was thinking, ok maybe I'm getting some information here. A glimmer of hope--though really small.

Then it was off to the chiropractor in the office and then on to get my blood analyzed. In between visits with the other Dr's ,Old Doc decided to put me to work. Seriously, he put me to work. I had mentioned that I had been researching natural treatments and shared some info I knew. This was enough for him to keep me busy filing paperwork and scheduling appointments! I have to repeat that....Old Doc had me working as an un-paid employee between procedures. Ok, I just had to process that in my brain again--it had been so long since I thought about it.

I felt like I was going through the visit in slow motion. I was can I escape?? But the wimp in me did not want to be rude. No....instead I'll just endure all sorts of random events and never speak up. Yes, much easier. ;) Also, if this brought us closer to a baby....then bring it on.

I kept getting this feeling that he was forgetting about me. Or that they were trying to just occupy me. It was all very strange. I was sent down for ANOTHER foot massage and then across the driveway to the blood guy. That office and experience was very--mad scientist. He took a sample of my blood and then viewed it under a microscope that projected on the wall. I know he was checking for something....parasites maybe. I was just so freaked out and super skeptical.

While walking back across the driveway I thought...should I run?? What do I do? Again, the wimp in me went back in to see Old Doc. I think it was also a bit of curiosity. I had been there for over 6 hours, I was starving and ready for answers. Old Doc sat me down and proceeded to thank me for coming in, I was convinced that he had forgotten why I was there in the first place. I remember asking what his advice for me was. His answer....."just stop thinking about getting pregnant and you will". He then invited me to a staff meeting and asked me to bring a dish to pass.

So,there it was. Relax and join them for a potluck staff meeting. Oh....and for all of this....he charged me $125!! But to me this memory was priceless.
I have to admit, I was tempted to go the the staff meeting.

I'll have to write about our adoption next time. :)
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