A Little About Me


 If you know me you've probably figured out all of my quirks. {But} if we've just met.... there are a few things you might want to know.
I know this{so far}...I'm sensitive, strong when I need to be, and very much an open book. I love having fun and try to keep spontaneity and laughter in our day. I'm addicted to organizing, yet never feel organized.  I love a good bargain, a good meal, a good book, and a good laugh.

We are a family that loves the Lord and a family via adoption. I never would have thought that infertility would be my route, but it has brought us to our amazing twins. I thank God for that. I also never thought we would be homeschooling. I have days where I feel like throwing in the towel, but my heart keeps my feet firmly planted to our homeschool floor. It's hard....and wonderful.....and fun....and exhausting.

My grammar stinks, my hope is huge, ..and my mistakes...too many to mention.  Taking it all one day at a time, one adventure at a time.

~Mary {a.k.a~Mimi}

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