November 1, 2012

Hi Everyone....

my name is Carla and i'm a good friend of mimi (mary).  She wanted me to jump on here to let everyone know that she and her family are doing well.  Mary and the boys are safe at home.  Their area is a mess right now so they aren't able to leave or go anywhere.  They have enough food and water to last for several days.  Greg's office is right on the other side of the river from NYC and is currently under water.  He made his way up to Cherry Hill, NJ to work out of his other office for the rest of the week.  Ruth, she was able to hear your phone message but was unable to call out, she wants you to know that she is praying for you and praying that things are well for you on the island.   Considering the devasation that is so close to Mary and her family, she feels incredibly blessed and thankful that her little piece of the world is okay.  She and her boys have been praying constantly for those who haven't been as fortunate and who have experienced far worse.  She has no idea what's going on around her because she has no cable, landline phone or internet.  I've tried to explain from the pictures and videos that i've seen (i'm in rochester) but it just doesn't give even the slightest picture of what reallly happened so close to her.  It is, literally, heartbreaking. 

Yours truly,

October 2, 2012

Lessons From a Cold

A little cold virus has entered our home. We've decided to skip all activities and hunker down. Shhh.... I'm secretly loving it. Because we are home, our days have been open ended with no rushing. I've had many epiphanies and moments of just pure thankful love for my boys. I've been able to listen to them with both ears {and not while multi tasking}. We've been able to read all the books we have started, had  a lot of creative play, eaten hot balanced meals, and the laundry is done.

                                      {from a day at the shore in August}

I have not caught up on replies to emails or phone calls :(

Before this week of forced hibernation I had been feeling overwhelmed and a wee bit sad. Definitely did not feel all.

The week before last, Greg took a 7 day work trip to France. I never felt fear or worry about the time he would be gone. I am so thankful for how safe I feel in our current temp. home. If we were still living out in the country I know I would have petitioned for grandma to come stay overnight. What I didn't prepare for was the lack of sleep we all experienced while he was away. Allergies and thunder storms kept us up just about every night. So, Greg returned with jet lag and an exhausted wife and kids.

 Then our week started. Our filled up, why did I sign up for so many things, not my style week began. They were all good things....all fun, or educational classes for the boys. What I am learning is that just because we can sign up for all these great classes or activities does not mean we should. No ma'am.

In fact, I've learned that saying no can be far wiser and encouraging than saying yes.

I had a few days where I felt like throwing in the homeschool towel. I thought to myself....why am I doing this? I really don't have to be doing this. All those things above....the exhaustion, the filled up week, the forgetting to listen to my heart....led to me feeling burned out and almost depressed. It stunk. {BTW-I also know that unbalanced hormones contributed to some of those negative feelings and thoughts}. I could see all those annoying things {and thoughts} piling up, but didn't know how to stop. And then this little virus hit our home....

And slowly, because we were forced to just all became clear again. Less is more. We are committed to several things, so our hectic weeks may continue for a bit, but I am going to remember these lessons I've learned before I make our next batch of choices.

These days are precious. I don't want to spend them wishing I wasn't so busy...or looking back and wishing I had just jumped off the hamster wheel earlier.

And to all of you who have been wise enough to say no and not overload your week by not joining this or that class/ are not missing out. I promise you. I love a quote my friend Jana recently pinned...


September 20, 2012

On Tape Measures & Balance

Wow, it's been a hectic week (I'll share why next week). In my exhaustion tonight, I decided to sit down and try to catch up on some internet stuff. Trouble is, I'm full of brain, I don't know why I am even attempting reply to emails, etc. Do you know...I actually just realized that the mail has not been checked since Saturday? How does that happen?

I did find a couple wonderful articles online. I'm linking them, for you, and for me. I think I might need to re-read these now and then. 

Let's all please get rid of that tape measure(great article)

This article on Balance was a good read

This article, was another good read.

That same blogger above had an awesome quote posted somewhere(forget where?)

"Our greatest fear should not be of failure but of succeeding at things in life that don't really matter." ~ DL. Moody

Wow. So true.

My week was not balanced, and I may have pulled out my tape measure a couple of times{which may have caused me a tiny bit of anxiety}. And I'm suddenly deeply thinking about that Moody quote, and what it means in my life right now. Good stuff to think on.

September 14, 2012

Dear Teenage Self,

Dear teenage self,

Oh, how I wish You really could be reading this letter.  I know you are hoping for an adult listening ear, guidance from someone, anyone...and boy, knowing these things will save you a lot of heartache and trouble. I realize you find your guidance from your peers, but one day you will be able to find your confidence and support from the right places/people. Being the baby of the family has it's benefits, but also gives you way more freedom than you are ready for. Dear girl, just because everyone else is doing it doesn't mean it's the right thing. Skipping school, keg parties during the day, dating those football players....they are just temporary , empty fun. In fact, those boys that you have crushes on-I wish you could see ahead to your 22 yr old self when you will meet your future husband. Avoid all those just-because-I-think-I-need-a-boyfriend-boys. I promise you will eventually meet the kindest,cutest boy ever and he will ask you to marry him. Yes, he will have his own teenage baggage, but you will grow and mature together.

                                                        {So young and naive}

Oh, and I know you have never heard of him at this point, but someone else will eventually grab your heart. One day, when you are much older , 33 to be exact, you and your future husband will accept Jesus together. You will go through many years of good & bad before you see the light, but it will happen, and it will be life changing. And all this heartache you are going through, this not knowing who you are, you'll figure it out soon.

Girlfriend, ya know those girls your hanging with? The ones who aren't really very nice to you or others? Please have more respect for yourself. As soon as you graduate high school you will all go in different directions.  And your family? Spend more time with them. Bond more with them. When you are older, you will realize how much you wished you had. Your mom really does love you, though you are butting heads now. One day, she'll be a big support & friend to you. Your Dad? Spend time with him. One day soon he will not be able to think and talk like he used to. I promise, you don't "get" them now, but it will all make sense one day.
                                            {one funny Dad}

You know how everyone thinks your afraid of the dark, and probably will never leave your hometown? Well, just wait. You will eventually live in several states and cities-surprising your mother most of all. Enjoy the journey. College? You will end up not being ready, but that will work out fine. It will actually be the reason you meet that husband I was talking about. About school. Please spend less time on social stuff and more time on your studies. Because your priorities are all those parties, you will soon go from an A student to a B-. Be encouraged because one day you will relearn all those things you ignored. In fact, you will learn alongside your kids while you homeschool them. Yep, crazy as it sounds, you will be a Jesus loving, homeschooling mama of twins. Have you picked yourself off the floor? On top of that-though you think you will be fertile Mertyl one day, you won't. I know you are not thinking of babies right now (praise God), but adoption will be in your future.

                                    {an unexpected, amazing double dose of love}

I wish I could tell you everything, and guard you from all the hard days ahead. Y' know what? Those hard days, the journey through ups and downs, I am fairly sure that they led you to your husband and twin boys {and also to your savior}. God's timing in everything. Dear teenage will make many mistakes, but thankfully they will be worked out for good. And you will be given grace, and new mercies each day.

Your 40 something self

PS...when you inherit that wad of cash at 18, think twice about buying that shiny white convertible. They really are not safe, and the money will come in handy later ;)

 I recently read Grace for the Good Girl by Emily Freeman and loved it, and recommend it! She's written a new book geared toward teens called Graceful. I saw on her blog a fun idea to write a letter to your self, and decided to do it. I don't often link up to things...actually, have not written much lately anyway, but thought this would be fun.

September 9, 2012


I have so many blog posts floating around in my head, just no time to sit and write them.
It's been a little like that with my prayers lately. I have so many prayers, but have had the hardest time praying. I can give thanks, but when it comes to actually praying about specific things....I get flustered. I can pray for others. No problem. Specific prayers that I should be able to just list off....not so easy .

So, I've been praying "please Lord, help me to know how to pray. How to form the sentences".

That may sound odd, but God does tell us to pray all things. As I was sitting in church today, I started thinking of all the things I am thankful for, and why I am thankful for them.

I'm starting with our church.

I'm so thankful that we found our church. How in the world did we find our church? It's not in our town, it's not a big church, and there are a lot of churches in our area. I know we are supposed to be there. I actually get the warm fuzzies on Sunday mornings. I thought today~ oh, how I wish we could go everyday. Sound fanatical? It just feels safe there, and it makes me happy...though you will often see me with tears rolling down my cheeks. Especially during worship. Sometimes I want to hide from the real world and it's messy situations. Church is my temporary escape. It reminds me what's important, and where my focus should be. I really like this church, but I'm not even "plugged in"-as in participating in various ministries. Because of some past hard church experiences, I've purposely stayed back from participating. Greg, on the other hand, has gotten involved. Anyway, so thankful for the various people{all ages, all backgrounds} I've met there, the situations and stories I've heard {from others there}, and for God leading us there. It always reminds me that there are so many hurting people out there. We need to remember that. My hearts been heavy for the hurting. Ahhhh.....ok, back to the list.

I'm thankful for our apartment complex. It's technically a townhouse, but it's on top of another, I consider it a 2 story apartment. Yes, I miss having our own home. I miss that a lot. We will have a home again one day. Until then, I'm thankful that our current situation has caused me to not really think deeply about decorating. That used to be a mini hobby of mine. Knowing this place is temporary has caused us to take our focus off yardwork, decor {and shopping for decor!}, and other house related things. Instead, we spend so much more time together. We are able to read more, to get outside and play, and to explore our city. Also, we have some unique and wonderful neighbors.

I'm thankful for our neighbor. She plays Wii with our boys, is our resident Mrs kravitz, and kills spiders. Actually, her dad comes over and sprays the massive spiders that have suddenly overwhelmed us.

I'm thankful for my girlfriends. So very enormously thankful. I'm thankful that my true blue friends accept me just the way I am....mistakes, flaws, hormone fluctuations, whining, and all. Just wish they weren't so far away. Thankful for phone and text! Especially thankful that I'm able to talk on the phone to my dear friend who moved to India. Though, I don't understand why God would clearly bring us together as friends only to have them move to India? So many things I just don't understand. Oh right, the list....

I'm thankful for homeschooling. I never would have imagined this would be our path. 
I'm thankful for our curriculum this year....Heart of Dakota-Preparing hearts. I really wanted a curriculum that was all planned out for me this year. The boys are happy, and I'm happy. Phew.

Speaking of homeschooling. My girlfriend just published her ebook {meant to encourage homeschoolers}. It's called Called Home by Karen Debeus. She has a heart hoping to encourage other homeschoolers.

I would like to keep listing all the things I'm thankful for, but I have a pint of ice cream and some boys waiting.

To be continued......I'm feeling a bit thought filled lately. Y'know ,those heart on my sleeve moments. I will hopefully filter my thoughts, but no guarantees. :)

August 23, 2012

Oh, the things I've seen & heard

{In case you were wondering} I'm doing so much better than when I wrote that last post.
I've been observing so much around me. I've wished I had my camera with me on so many different occasions. And I wish I could explain the little conversations I've had with strangers.

*VBS at our church has been fun this week. I reluctantly went into the women's study, and I'm so glad that I did. This week has been good for my soul in so many ways.

*Loved chatting with an 85 yr old great grandma who is raising a 12 yr old boy. She also adopted twin boys 58 yrs ago. Oh, the stories she told, the hard life she's lived. And you would never know it by looking at her.

*I had 2 different quirky strangers on 2 different occasions say the nicest things to me. Just one of those experiences that surprise you and make you smile.

*We have been watching the sweetest friendship grow {at our complex playground}. It's between 2 older woman is from India and always wears a beautiful Sari, the other is from China and is always smiling. Neither speak English, or each other's language. They walk and laugh together, sort of using a made up sign language. They stop and exercise, giggle...sometimes doubled over in laughter. I must try and snap a photo of them. It's priceless.

*While playing football with the boys{I'm not so good}I stopped and looked around at all the diversity around me. This home we currently have allows us some really interesting experiences. Things I can't fully put into words.

*While sitting at our kitchen table I hear a loud muffler. It's our NY Jet neighbor's girlfriend driving up in her big black escalade. She's going into the leasing office. I wonder....did he get cut from the team {it's that time of year} or are they moving?

*This week, I made some decisions that I think will ultimately give me more peace. I sort of went against the grain of what I thought I was going to do. I think it will be a good thing. Some doors quickly opened to prove that to be true. I'm learning to trust what my heart is telling me. As you know, it's usually stuck on my sleeve.

*I cried and laughed with friends who are just too darn far away. I prayed.

*I made appointments to expedite a passport. ugh. Paris will be his first trip.

*I also ate an entire Ben & Jerry's Greek frozen yogurt while writing this post. And, yes I got some yogurt on my laptop.

July 26, 2012

Where I Belong

The boys made this little video. I'm sharing it in hopes that it brings a laugh, or smile to your face. Seems like so many people are struggling with different things....sending out some love to you....

July 23, 2012

Are You Two Brothers?

Today, while at our neighborhood indoor farmer's market, I realized something. Each time we go anywhere the boys get asked if they are twins. Or, many times people will ask me  while the boys are standing next to me. Literally, just about every time we leave the house someone will ask the question. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind at all. When they were babies I got very used to getting stopped by people. As a new mom {who had waited a long time for them}I was thrilled to share our excitement.

Today was no different. First, as we were walking down the aisle a man yelled loudly "Oh, double trouble". I yelled backed "Double the love" and he gave me a big smile and laughed. Afterward, Sam said "I think that man just insulted us." Ross told him not to worry that the man was just trying to be funny.

Then, as we were checking out, the young cashier asked in awe if they were identical twins. We chatted, and she was really cute about the whole thing. She wanted to know how I could tell them apart {especially when they were babies}.

Finally, as we were walking to our car a gal walking in to the maket shouted....she shouted... across the parking lot.... "Am I seeing double? Are they twins? Identical?".

But, the question the boys get all the time....."Are you two brothers?". It's meant to be funny, though the boys always wonder why they are asked this all the time. I'm telling you all.the.time.

So, it really hit me today how strange it must be for them. From the twin point of view. They don't think about the fact that they look alike, but everywhere they go they either get questioned {which is fine!} or stared at {which can be strange}.

Love having twins. Love that they have each other. Truly, double the love.

July 17, 2012

I watch tv, and other shocking things....

Yep, we have a tv. Actually, we have 3 tv's. We also have cable. Do we sit in front of the tv all day and Do we let the boys watch crime/adult stories and other harsh/scary/or inappropriate shows....not at all. We DO use our own personal discretion and opinions with viewing choices, and have created our own personal balance with all electronic devices.

The boys occasionally watch what some people may call "mindless television", but actually it's not that mindless. They always chat through anything they are watching....they discuss the plot, point out poor grammar, analyze the character's actions, I could go on and on. What they have also learned to do {and what we are thrilled about} is to recognize inappropriate shows/characters. We've tried to teach them along the way about what to look out for in bad tv. Actually, the boys told ME to turn off Dancing With the Stars because they thought the costumes were inappropriate....which led to a great discussion.

Greg works very hard, and most often he is in NYC dealing with chaos during the day. Yesterday, he was on Rikers he is at Laguardia airport. Stress, I tell ya. At the end of the day, he loves to chill with us, walk to the playground, or just.....lay on the couch watching the news {or a movie-usually, Iron Man}.

Me.....I rarely watch tv during the day. Today, I watched part of Little Bear in the am, but that was unusual. Oh, and I did flip to Good Morning America. may not approve, but I love laying in bed at night with the clicker in my hand. Love it. It may be Food Network, HGTV, or Bravo {yes, Bravo}. By the end of the day I am drained. I usually can't fall right to sleep, and I'm too tired to is just relaxing to me.

I guess I'm sharing this because I've read a few blog posts lately where people were talking about how bad tv is. Yes, it can be, but it doesn't have to be. And frankly, I think it gets a really bad rap. With anything, it's how you use it. There are some wonderful shows on tv....we love Food Netwok in our house. It's inspired the boys to create their own recipes, and for all of us to find local fun restaurants. I think ultimately the choice is obviously up to each person. I don't have a problem if you don't have any tv's, but please don't consider me awful because I have 3.

In my opinion, the internet can be bad, if not worse than tv. Though, there are some great computer games online. But that's a whole 'nother subject. So, I hope you have not formed this new horrible opinion of me because of our viewing habits. If you saw my unfolded laundry piles, or knew that I recently avoided grocery shopping for days {and fed my family baked beans and cereal}....well, then I'd understand.

*BTW-these are just thoughts I wanted to share. No intense motive or plan in mind....just random thoughts :)  And I reserve the right to change those thoughts at any time. ha!

July 16, 2012


 A couple of weekends ago we went to watch our former drum teacher, David, {we've stopped lessons for now} perform at a music festival. The heat was almost unbearable. Just sitting still we dripped with sweat {gross, I know}.
 The boys loved seeing their teacher onstage. He's a professional musician, and has recently formed a new band {The House of Essex}. They were so fun, and the music was really good. Greg said "this is one of the reasons I love living here". All we had to do was drive 5 minutes to this bohemian little town , and we were sitting at a free endless music fest.

Dave and the boys doing their "serious pose" after his performance.

July 5, 2012

One Hot Day

 This was the first July 4th where we stayed in NJ. Usually, we go back home to our annual family party. The fun thing about NJ on July endless amount of festivals and parades to attend. We were supposed to go into NYC to see one of Greg's high school friends, but a storm warning kept us in NJ. Instead, we chose a small festival in the next town over.
 I have to admit, I cringe when I hear the ice cream truck bell. My mouth said "yes", but inside I was saying "noooo!" to the ice cold food coloring cone.

 While the boys were on the spinning red wheel we met the nicest lady. She was an identical twin {her extended family has 14 sets of twins!} and gave us much encouragement and insight into the twin bond. I love how little chats like that happen just when I need them.

 This tea cup ride brought back nauseous memories of my childhood at Roseland Park. In fact, see that empty car behind the boys? During an earlier ride, a little guy lost his cookies in it. Gag.
 The boys reluctantly watched the Polka Dot Band perform. I think they liked it, but thought they were a bit too old to be watching a kiddie band. Made me miss our 'ol Wiggles days.
 The boys had a great time participating in the Wild 'n Wacky challenge. Sort of like those games shows where you get a pie thrown in your face, or get slimed.
                                  Very fun end to a very hot afternoon.

July 3, 2012

Quiet Days

 Sam has been anxious to try out the $2 garage sale unicycle we found. We geared him up with all the protection we could find. Our awesome neighbor brought her crutches over for support. He didn't get that red unicycle to ride, but he's not giving up. Don't pay any attention to the mess in the garage. Most of it is actually empty plastic bins, with a bunch of random clutter thrown in. My neighbor's garage is empty. Empty. That's my goal for our next move {except for all the outdoor fun stuff}.

 There have been lots of fireflies this summer. The boys were impressed with their mom's quick firefly catching skill....caught it with one single handed grab. We put it in the bottle for a closer look, and then set it free. Not sure the ff was too happy about the whole experience.
                                     It's rugby season! The boys are loving it.
 Did I ever share that we made our first trip to Sonic? Loved the roller skating servers. The french fries were a bit soggy, but the experience was fun.

June 2, 2012

The Anniversary Kiss by Sam

It's our 22nd wedding anniversary today. Sam asked if he could direct & film a stop animation movie to celebrate the occasion. We happily agreed. {turn your volume on}

June 1, 2012

Praise & Football

I just have to say...thank you God.

It's been a strange & hard few weeks. Today, some really good news put a stop to our roller coaster. It feels really nice to have a day filled with hope.

My 78 yr old mother made a little video of us playing football in her front yard. Super fuzzy {probably a good thing} and super dorky. I have no idea what I'm doing, as evidenced by our conversations and body language. But it's a fun memory....

May 31, 2012

Pictures & Ponderings

My favorite quote of the week {by Sam} " I'm sort of like a pork bun from Trader Joe's. All the good stuff is on the inside." 

Remember that roller coaster.....we're still riding it, but instead of those steep ups and downs it seems to be coasting along. When it will stop nobody knows. We are good....we will be much better {soon}. I just know it. I believe it.

I've had a couple days where I actually questioned my faith. I realized that it's sometimes much weaker than I thought. But, that's all good. Ultimately, it all points right back to a God I know I can lean on....a God I need to trust in. Crazy days also remind me of what's important and what's fluff. Fluff can be so distracting.

For the first time in a long time, we will NOT be homeschooling through the summer.  Summer rugby league starts next week, and the pool opens this weekend. Amen, and hallelujah.

Some pictures from our weekend....

May 23, 2012

Oh, To Live In The Country Again!

Over the weekend, we visited a historic farm that is literally minutes away from us....yet it was our first visit there. It was the most perfect day to visit. The weather was great, and it was a needed escape from "city life".
This farm was once owned by Paul Revere's grandson....and finally owned by Mr Foster and his daughter, Caroline. I wish I could have taken more photos, but my battery ran low. There was a Gothic mansion, a beautiful flower garden and cottage, just lots of quiet & green.  Have I shared we have a secret dream of being farmers? Greg shared, he would either like to live in the city or country....action, or slow. I'll take the country, with an occasional trip into the city. This farm visit made us miss our last house so much.
There was a building with all the Foster cars on display. Sam asked me to take several photos of him getting out of the car. He was hoping to go home and make a stop animation film, but {as I shared} dang battery.

There was some faux cow milking. That is hard work. Greg impressed me with his extensive knowledge of pig & chicken farming as he chatted with a local farmer. He is pretty serious about his farming dream. Oh, if we were a tiny bit younger. But, Greg reminded me of all the people who followed their dreams successfully after 40. Now, to put some courage behind that dream. Problem is, we have a few dreams. Maybe our dreams will come find us?

The milking of the faux cow was their favorite part. Mine favorite part was spending a day away from honking cars, and away from stores, and just soaking in the quiet.

Made me think of this post.

May 9, 2012


The last couple of weeks have been the fastest, steepest, most nausea inducing roller coaster I've been on in a while. Through it all, we've leaned on friends {sometimes realizing who were true friends, and who were only on the surface}, we've leaned on family, and we've leaned on each other. Most of all, we've leaned on the Lord. Truly, I don't know what people do in tough situations when they don't know God...or, at least know they can turn to the Lord. His word has been an unbelievable source of comfort. At times, we've actually found a passage, read it out loud to each other, and closed with "Can you believe that? That's just what we are going through!".  We've come together as a family in prayer. We've even softened our hearts by praying for "our enemy". Prayer! It's amazing that we have that direct line to God...anytime, anywhere.

Through these past few days, we've made some big changes....and more changes are to come. For sure. I've had moments of discouragement, but most important....and I share this because it defies circumstances....I've had many moments of joy. Even deep down belly laughing joy. I'm excited, and worried, and happy, and sad {and tired}. My only explanation...God.

Remember this post? How one of my goals in our new city was to truly have a relationship with the Lord? Well, I've realized that I do. I've seen His hand expose things that needed exposing. I've seen Him lead us to things that resulted in hope. For a while, I've been telling people that what is going on is not a big deal, but then I realized that it is a big deal. And it's a deal that He will lead us through. Yes, I have some moments of doubt. Pressing on past those moments and keeping my eyes on hope {and joy} is what I need to do. This trial has changed us, brought us closer, and made us look at so many things differently.

We've promised ourselves that we will not forget this lesson....this lesson that we are in the middle of. When we come through {and we will} we will be different. Sorry for all the vagueness. I may share more soon.

This roller coaster is running out of fuel, and I can only thank God for that.

May 3, 2012


This blog post was really good. Really good.

"In a world of reaching, how do you rest?"....Ann V.  
(isn't that the truth? really resonated with me)

"There’s always something barking loud in you that you need a bigger field.
A better kid, a bigger house, a greater life, a grander point."

Well, I won't keep quoting. It's worth the time to read for yourself.

Wait, one more....

" Sometimes the way to win is to never enter the race."

April 27, 2012

Chatting & Ice Cream

I have been so very tired. I blame it on the spider incident. Ever since I saw that thing dangling over my head, I've had sleepless nights. One time, I turned on the fan thinking that if the spider's friends come find me, the wind will keep them from getting close. So, now because of the lack of sleep, I  have puffy bags under my eyes. I do own some caffeine cream that is supposed to reduce the puffiness, but I'm too lazy tired to apply it.

The other day we all had a craving for 'smores. All we had were marshmallows (chemical free, thank you Whole Foods) so Greg ran out to get Graham crackers and chocolate. When Greg was growing up, he rarely looked at price tags. Me, I pride myself on being a frugalista (I like nice things at bargain prices). That even pertains to my chocolate. When he came home with the 5lb bar from Trader Joe's because it was the best value.....well, I just about cried. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Sadly, the bar was way too thick for the 'smores, but it hasn't stopped me from devouring almost the whole bar in just days.

Onto our new everyday joy...... " 'Ol Red " the ice cream machine.

 We have come up with different concoctions.......coconut milk & fruit, mostly being our base. This batch we added blueberries & chocolate chips.
 It's so easy. We freeze the base, add mixture, press on button, and wait several minutes.

Yum. It was pure joy.....though, I wasn't a fan of the frozen chocolate chips. Maybe sprinkles next time?

April 25, 2012

Lots of Little Things

Well, wanted to give a quick update. A lot has been going on, but really nothing huge. It's all those little things. Before jumping back to last weekend, let me share my morning. It involved waking up to find a spider above my head. Thankfully, there is a cathedral ceiling in our bedroom. After many minutes of laying and waiting for it to move, I finally called down to the boys to share what was going on. Sam quickly raced up the stairs to my rescue. The next several minutes involved "stealth spying" as Sam put it. A few times the spider shot down on it's web only to spring back up, which caused me to scream loudly {7:45am-sorry neighbors}. We propped chairs, turned lights on....did everything to get it to come down. Once it finally hit the floor all chaos whole body gets nauseous at the sight of a spider. Eventually, we attacked it with a lotion bottle and went on with our morning.

                                          {this was our stealth spying hideout}

Last weekend, we went on a long walk/scooter ride through a really neat forest. We met many dogs along the path.....and Greg and I often rode the boys scooters while they jogged behind. I'm sure we were a sight to be seen. On the way home, the boys spotted a garage sale and asked to stop while Greg waited in the car. What did we find? The most awesome & ridiculous thing I've purchased in a long time....a red unicycle {$2!}. I told the gals at the sale that the look on my husband's face would be priceless when he saw our purchase. I was right. Thankfully, he threw back his head and gave a loud laugh. How could I pass up a $2 unicycle?!

Also priceless was the great bookstore near our house. We lingered in there forever.....finally leaving with a few fun books for the boys. I love love love bookstores, and this one was a homeschooler's dream.

Almost forgot another red & spontaneous purchase. While at Costco, I sent the boys and Greg to look for lightbulbs. They came back with a red ice cream maker. The price was right....I checked later and it was 2 times more on Amazon. We are loving it. Our first concoction was coconut milk, a little sugar, and raspberries. So good!!

I'll leave you with a few photos of the boys own cardboard arcade. After watching a video of Caine's Arcade online, they decided to make their own and invite a couple of our neighbors to play {no charge, and they gave away some of their old toys as prizes}

                   {see that pile next to the ball game? that's all going to Goodwill. Phew!}
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