August 23, 2012

Oh, the things I've seen & heard

{In case you were wondering} I'm doing so much better than when I wrote that last post.
I've been observing so much around me. I've wished I had my camera with me on so many different occasions. And I wish I could explain the little conversations I've had with strangers.

*VBS at our church has been fun this week. I reluctantly went into the women's study, and I'm so glad that I did. This week has been good for my soul in so many ways.

*Loved chatting with an 85 yr old great grandma who is raising a 12 yr old boy. She also adopted twin boys 58 yrs ago. Oh, the stories she told, the hard life she's lived. And you would never know it by looking at her.

*I had 2 different quirky strangers on 2 different occasions say the nicest things to me. Just one of those experiences that surprise you and make you smile.

*We have been watching the sweetest friendship grow {at our complex playground}. It's between 2 older woman is from India and always wears a beautiful Sari, the other is from China and is always smiling. Neither speak English, or each other's language. They walk and laugh together, sort of using a made up sign language. They stop and exercise, giggle...sometimes doubled over in laughter. I must try and snap a photo of them. It's priceless.

*While playing football with the boys{I'm not so good}I stopped and looked around at all the diversity around me. This home we currently have allows us some really interesting experiences. Things I can't fully put into words.

*While sitting at our kitchen table I hear a loud muffler. It's our NY Jet neighbor's girlfriend driving up in her big black escalade. She's going into the leasing office. I wonder....did he get cut from the team {it's that time of year} or are they moving?

*This week, I made some decisions that I think will ultimately give me more peace. I sort of went against the grain of what I thought I was going to do. I think it will be a good thing. Some doors quickly opened to prove that to be true. I'm learning to trust what my heart is telling me. As you know, it's usually stuck on my sleeve.

*I cried and laughed with friends who are just too darn far away. I prayed.

*I made appointments to expedite a passport. ugh. Paris will be his first trip.

*I also ate an entire Ben & Jerry's Greek frozen yogurt while writing this post. And, yes I got some yogurt on my laptop.


Ethan Hage said...

Girl, we need to talk! STAT! I wanna hear about these decisions...against the grain? sad for you guys, but oh how exciting for Greg! Can I go?? Tiff

StacyB said...

Hmmm- big changes against the grain? Inquiring minds want to know. ;)

Maybe Tim Tebow can move in? ;)

Glad you have more of spring in your step. I doubt it was just the yogurt!

really.truly said...

Yes! More than just yogurt. Praising God for the peace and joy I've been feeling.

Didn't mean to make y'all wonder about the "grain" thing. Didn't want to post the details, don't worry it's nothing major ;)

Pilar said...

Hey there! It has been a while! :)

Jessica said...

I can't remember if I responded to your last email. I'll have to check. So...looks like I'm eating my words. I should NEVER say never lol. Xo, Jess

Btw, my domain/address changed to

Tara said...

Oh yes, I have been meaning to inquire...Tim Tebow isn't living in your community, is he? I might have to come visit if he is. Glad you are making changes and feeling better.

Sweat Is My Sanity said...

How are you doing now Mimi? Are you hanging in there? xo, Jess

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