February 18, 2010

In 1 Week

Just a quick check in. I have so many pictures that I would love to share, but my laptop is having some issues and I'm having to use Greg's old work computer. Some pics were taken today (Carla!!) that need to be shared....words alone cannot describe our afternoon. Let me just say...I belly laughed a lot.

In 1 week the movers will be packing their truck. Just 1 more week. Oh my....I have a lump in my throat just thinking about it. G signed our lease today. He said our new dwelling has some pretty views....he said he's happy with it. We chose it from the floor plan drawing....yep, we are flying by the seat of our pants.

The boys have been playing a ton in the basement....which makes me think....what are we going to do without our space?? Without our sports filled basement?? We will adjust. It will be fine.

I had to cancel my hair appointment...which means that my next haircut will be in our new state. Fun.....new hair adventures. Something tells me that I will be paying a bit more for my haircuts. Maybe I'll get a new style??

Because of all the packing and planning....lack of my laptop...lack of time...I've spent less time online. I've experienced a bit of withdrawal. I'm realizing that I had a bit of a computer addiction. I'm realizing many, many things.

February 10, 2010

Moving On.......

This has been a very strange interesting month. In some ways, I don't even feel like myself right now....or, I feel like I've changed. How can that be? Maybe it's just exhaustion and confusion from the non-stop packing. From the moment I wake up....until we go to bed (usually early) I'm on the move. Gone are my relaxed days with multiple coffee breaks.....a-hem, blogging breaks.  Gone are my evenings with a glass of wine or cup of tea. I love having some wind down time in the evening. They are gone for now....but not forever. February is turning out to be a "limbo month" for us. Our routine is on hold....it feels like our life is on hold. Actually, just in transition.

                                          ( It's so strange to see the playroom packed up)

G has been traveling....and will continue to travel for the rest of the month. He is currently stuck in a snowstorm in Maryland(airports closed)....we are currently 2 ships passing in the night. But...again...this is temporary. What a strange month. We are making the final plans for the move. I'm looking forward to getting settled and to investigate our new city. I'm not looking forward to missing our loved ones. Wahhhhhh....that's me crying like a baby. But, I'm hopeful too. If I get myself to focus....I get downright excited.

                                                           (master bedroom closet)
The house doesn't really feel like home right now. Many pieces of furniture have been put into storage. As soon as we move, we will list it for sale. My mom, the realtor, already has everything ready to go. I'm praying that the Lord brings a buyer....the right buyer....quickly. I pray that the next owner will enjoy this home as much as we did.

Time to go snuggle with the boys and watch Charlie Brown.....hope to check in again soon. Much love to y'all.
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