March 27, 2012

Today is Named Random

Today, we woke up to brown water. It happens now and then. Something to do with a line breaking. I've gained some wisdom by this brown water education. I've learned to remove the clothes from the washer and let it run a few times. I have some blotchy clothes from my pre-wisdom days.

We have some new downstairs neighbors. They are super nice, but I wish they didn't have so many cars. They now take up 3 parking spaces in our already cramped parking area. I'm thankful for legs to we've had to park a bit of a distance away.

I met a very interesting gal today. She started off nice enough.....remarking on how cute she thought the boys were. The next thing I knew, she was asking me why I did not conceive my own children. She asked our race/nationality....when she heard that I was Italian she informed me that her husband's mistress is Italian. She then started a whole speech about random things. It was at this point that I realized her eggs were not all in her carton (poor thing). I realize that I am way to trusting, and too easily talk to everybody.

On Sunday, we went to a birthday party for our neighbor's 2 sons. We ,thankfully, have some very nice neighbors. All of their friends were very friendly and chatty. I learned that they all grew up together, and seemed to know each other so well. I suddenly felt overwhelmingly homesick. Ahhhh, it comes and goes. I'm so thankful that my friends still keep in close touch, but I miss being able to spontaneously visit or meet up somewhere. My desire for roots is getting pretty strong. But where will those roots be planted?? The never ending question. Until we find the answer, we will enjoy this experience..... it is one I cannot even fully put into words.

March 15, 2012

Same 'Ol Thoughts

I noticed something....I'm starting to forget what life used to be like. Our life back home was sort of typical. We had a house and a yard. There was a Wegmans on every corner (oh, how I miss the Canandaigua Wegmans, and that Homegoods, too). Grandparent's lived an easy distance away.....along with uncles, aunts, and cousins. My friends....old, and some new.....would visit, or meet up somewhere for spontaneous fun. Greg {being self-employed} had a super flexible and very homeschool friendly work schedule. I spent every day swiffering our hard wood floors, running around the house {indoors and out}, and enjoying our custom made space. Ahhhh, those days felt like they would go on forever.

Secretly, I wished for a change. I felt this yearning for something different, for a bit of adventure. And then before I could blink, my swiffering wood, running around the house days were over. Did I ever share that the day our house was all packed up, I hid in a closet and cried? I couldn't even tell you why I was crying. I had such mixed emotions that day.....I still do. I'm a broken record as I keep repeating that our new life is so different. But it is. I walk around our complex and shake my head. The people, the atmosphere, the's all so new, and different.

This living out of boxes cannot go on forever. Or can it? I'm just not sure. My prayer has been that the Lord will show us where He wants us to be. For some reason, He wanted us here.....a place I never, ever thought I'd be. In planting us here, He has also made sure to put certain things, certain people on our path. Through that, He keeps reminding me that He's here, He's guiding. I feel very different than I did 2 years ago.....when we lived out in the country, in the big new house. I miss that life, yet I don't. {We definitely miss the people}.

March 13, 2012

Bee Real

I really liked this blog post. Recently, I've read some blogs and thought to myself "really?" "how in the world do they do it?"....and then I have a little conversation in my head that usually includes "girl, you have got to get it together. You are the only mom out there with a messy house, unorganized garage, books unread, recipes unmade, and with a long to-do list". Yeah, that's what the little bee buzzing in my ear says.

I've been answering that bee with attitude. I quickly say to myself  "I don't have to have it all together. During this season in my life, there will be books unread, recipes unmade, and I will just have to slowly chip away at my to-do list". Take that, little buzzing bee of discouragement.

Recently, an old friend from junior/high school moved to our town. We had lost touch over the years, each moving to different states. It's nice having her in town. The familiarity is comforting. I've watched as they aggressively look for their new home. They are in a purchase time crunch, while we have slooowwwlly been figuring out what we want to do {where we want to be}. Their house search makes me more aware of our limbo status. When I meet people and they ask where we live, I always reply "we are in a temp place". Living in limbo is an interesting thing. Some days, I'm giddy over the possibilities.....the choices we have {and so thankful!}. Other days, I'm frustrated and overwhelmed with decisions and options.

For today, I will enjoy the sun, and I will stay in my pj's for a really long time {cramp city}. And I may swat a few buzzing bees throughout the day.

March 11, 2012

Marching On

There was a big, traditional St. Patty's day parade in the town next to ours on Saturday. The boys rugby league was invited to participate.....and the boys were so excited to participate. We arrived an hour before the parade started and got to hang out with all the other {eclectic} marchers. There were a gazillion men in kilts playing bagpipes, who happened to also be big rugby fans. Trying to be discrete, I captured a few photos of our long afternoon. So thankful that it was a sunny day!

My plan was to walk beside the parade, capturing pictures of the boys and blending in with the spectators. Instead, all the parents ended up walking in the parade. There I was, with my purse over my shoulder, carrying a bag of Cliff bars while walking in a really long, and really big parade. Thankful that I remembered to wear my green scarf.

As we walked, you would suddenly hear a large shout from
 the crowd....."yeah, go rugby!
 The group on that roof was particularly cheer-filled and big rugby fans. The encouragement would make us laugh and give us the oomph to keep walking. A couple of times, a kilt wearing man would jump from the crowd and do a rugby chant. Very entertaining.

The boys held that banner for the whole parade.....little troopers. Their hands were cold, and just about stuck in banner-holding position by the end of our walk {which seemed to last forever-we were there for about 4 hours}. It was a very fun afternoon!

*bit o' trivia....the parade was in Morristown, where George Washington's headquarters is located.

March 9, 2012

A Little Road Trip

I've been wanting to write about my wonderful weekend adventure for days. For 3 days to be exact. Yet, I've had a hard time putting thoughts to the keypad. 

I received an unexpected, but much needed gift from God a few months back (Sept. to be exact). This gift came in the form of a friend. A gal who did not judge me, nor critique me. Instead, she encouraged me, she got me. She ate nachos and shopped Trader Joe's with me. She was a new friend, but instantly felt so familiar. Isn't it such a great feeling when you meet someone who gets you? I had been missing, and hoping for someone local to hang with. I know our paths crossed on purpose and He connected our hearts because it's bizarre that we even met. We live on opposite sides of NJ, different counties.....she has 3 little girls, and I have 2 boys (they all bonded, too). The other unexpected part of this gift....this new friend who feels totally like an old friend? She's moving to India for a year. Hello! Can you get any farther away?? We tell ourselves it's just a year. Thankfully, text, email, skype, whatever.....they have no borders.

With her upcoming move coming closer and closer we decided to drive to the shore for a couple of days. Our husbands encouraged us, and sent us on our ways. If you ever go to the shore, I suggest going to Ocean Grove. It's nicknamed "God's Mile". We found a really cute B&B right on the ocean. Spent our day walking, shopping, eating, chatting.....and then the ocean water caused my sinuses to go crazy. I suddenly felt so nauseous. I hadn't felt that sick in forever. White spots, throbbing headache, barely could walk....sick. Rebecca was so thoughtful  through it all. She encouraged me to go lay down {which felt so decadent in the middle of the day, and which led to a long nap}. It was just what I needed. Later, we were able to head out for dinner.....and spent the next day with more walking, eating, shopping, and lots of chatting {minus the sinus pain}. Such a nice little get away.

March 2, 2012

Hormone 101

Might contain TMI....depends how you look at it.

Ok, so hear is the lovely hormone chart I wanted to share. I found it in Whole Living Magazine(written by Amy Levine). While I've found it to be pretty spot on, I've also noticed that what really makes a difference is when you ovulate. A few of the mood fluctuations seem to be altered if you ovulate early or late.

Days 1-7 Tired & Weepy
"Estrogen and progesterone levels are low, it's hard to muster energy. Many of the worst menstruation symptoms occur during these days. Some crave comfort of familiar surroundings, others may feel uncoordinated. (wow, that's totally me!). Don't fight it, it's a good time to cozy up and nurture yourself."

Days 8-13 Confident
"Allll righhht. Estrogen increases, boosting positive ernergy and enthusiasm. It's the perfect time to help others, start a new project, get in an action packed workout, and be social"

Days 14 Sexy (I hate that word, but that's what it said)
I'm not going to fully repeat what the author said....I think you get the picture. This would basically be a great baby making day.

Days 15-21 Intuitive & Impulsive
"After ovulation, your estrogen level drops while progesterone climbs, fading out energy. Some women do bes on autopilot,operating without much thoughtl. Let intuition take over, allow yourself to be vulnerable, and contemplate. Research links impulse shopping to this phase."

Days 22-28 Anxious & Sensitive
"Here we go again-shifting hormones bring full on PMS or an array of symptoms including bloating, breakouts, achiness, mood swings,restless nights and fierce food cravings. Many report feeling anxious about otherwise trivial concerns." (Ummm, yesss!)

There you go. Hope it helps.
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