March 9, 2012

A Little Road Trip

I've been wanting to write about my wonderful weekend adventure for days. For 3 days to be exact. Yet, I've had a hard time putting thoughts to the keypad. 

I received an unexpected, but much needed gift from God a few months back (Sept. to be exact). This gift came in the form of a friend. A gal who did not judge me, nor critique me. Instead, she encouraged me, she got me. She ate nachos and shopped Trader Joe's with me. She was a new friend, but instantly felt so familiar. Isn't it such a great feeling when you meet someone who gets you? I had been missing, and hoping for someone local to hang with. I know our paths crossed on purpose and He connected our hearts because it's bizarre that we even met. We live on opposite sides of NJ, different counties.....she has 3 little girls, and I have 2 boys (they all bonded, too). The other unexpected part of this gift....this new friend who feels totally like an old friend? She's moving to India for a year. Hello! Can you get any farther away?? We tell ourselves it's just a year. Thankfully, text, email, skype, whatever.....they have no borders.

With her upcoming move coming closer and closer we decided to drive to the shore for a couple of days. Our husbands encouraged us, and sent us on our ways. If you ever go to the shore, I suggest going to Ocean Grove. It's nicknamed "God's Mile". We found a really cute B&B right on the ocean. Spent our day walking, shopping, eating, chatting.....and then the ocean water caused my sinuses to go crazy. I suddenly felt so nauseous. I hadn't felt that sick in forever. White spots, throbbing headache, barely could walk....sick. Rebecca was so thoughtful  through it all. She encouraged me to go lay down {which felt so decadent in the middle of the day, and which led to a long nap}. It was just what I needed. Later, we were able to head out for dinner.....and spent the next day with more walking, eating, shopping, and lots of chatting {minus the sinus pain}. Such a nice little get away.


Wendy said...

Nice! What a wonderful thing to be able to get away with a good friend.

StacyB said...

what a wonderful opportunity! [minus the sickness]

Um - wait - didn't something similar happen to you before with a friend? I don't have the skill to look it up in your blog [and maybe it was your old one] but you were with a good friend and got suddenly crazy sick?

Or not.

I'm glad you had such a great time. A year WILL go by quickly, I am sure. :)

Darcie said...

So glad that you met such a great friend...sorry she will be gone for a spell. :-( Thankfully true friends are always true friends. Glad you both got this time in for a friend get-away!

really.truly said...

Stacy...I had to think, but figured it out. A few years ago I went to a party with one of my oldest friends, Laurie. I got the throw up bug, or food poisoning and spent the night at her house. Ahhh, the's like it was yesterday. I've known Laurie since we were 12, we've been through many throw up bugs together :)

rebecca said...

What an awesome weekend it was!! You captured it perfectly. Thanks for being such a dear. So thankful for you!! A year will fly by. :)

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