March 2, 2012

Hormone 101

Might contain TMI....depends how you look at it.

Ok, so hear is the lovely hormone chart I wanted to share. I found it in Whole Living Magazine(written by Amy Levine). While I've found it to be pretty spot on, I've also noticed that what really makes a difference is when you ovulate. A few of the mood fluctuations seem to be altered if you ovulate early or late.

Days 1-7 Tired & Weepy
"Estrogen and progesterone levels are low, it's hard to muster energy. Many of the worst menstruation symptoms occur during these days. Some crave comfort of familiar surroundings, others may feel uncoordinated. (wow, that's totally me!). Don't fight it, it's a good time to cozy up and nurture yourself."

Days 8-13 Confident
"Allll righhht. Estrogen increases, boosting positive ernergy and enthusiasm. It's the perfect time to help others, start a new project, get in an action packed workout, and be social"

Days 14 Sexy (I hate that word, but that's what it said)
I'm not going to fully repeat what the author said....I think you get the picture. This would basically be a great baby making day.

Days 15-21 Intuitive & Impulsive
"After ovulation, your estrogen level drops while progesterone climbs, fading out energy. Some women do bes on autopilot,operating without much thoughtl. Let intuition take over, allow yourself to be vulnerable, and contemplate. Research links impulse shopping to this phase."

Days 22-28 Anxious & Sensitive
"Here we go again-shifting hormones bring full on PMS or an array of symptoms including bloating, breakouts, achiness, mood swings,restless nights and fierce food cravings. Many report feeling anxious about otherwise trivial concerns." (Ummm, yesss!)

There you go. Hope it helps.


carole said...

Hmm...It didn't have any sections for Super Grumpy & Annoyed with Everyone.

really.truly said...

LOL! I think that would basically be days 15-30!

Darcie said...

Not to much TMI at all...I will take all the info you got on stuff like this, because it explains so many things.

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