March 13, 2012

Bee Real

I really liked this blog post. Recently, I've read some blogs and thought to myself "really?" "how in the world do they do it?"....and then I have a little conversation in my head that usually includes "girl, you have got to get it together. You are the only mom out there with a messy house, unorganized garage, books unread, recipes unmade, and with a long to-do list". Yeah, that's what the little bee buzzing in my ear says.

I've been answering that bee with attitude. I quickly say to myself  "I don't have to have it all together. During this season in my life, there will be books unread, recipes unmade, and I will just have to slowly chip away at my to-do list". Take that, little buzzing bee of discouragement.

Recently, an old friend from junior/high school moved to our town. We had lost touch over the years, each moving to different states. It's nice having her in town. The familiarity is comforting. I've watched as they aggressively look for their new home. They are in a purchase time crunch, while we have slooowwwlly been figuring out what we want to do {where we want to be}. Their house search makes me more aware of our limbo status. When I meet people and they ask where we live, I always reply "we are in a temp place". Living in limbo is an interesting thing. Some days, I'm giddy over the possibilities.....the choices we have {and so thankful!}. Other days, I'm frustrated and overwhelmed with decisions and options.

For today, I will enjoy the sun, and I will stay in my pj's for a really long time {cramp city}. And I may swat a few buzzing bees throughout the day.


Wendy said...

Oh, don't you hate it when those bees buzz right in your ear?! My house is so totally a mess, my paid work is getting done but I've taken on too many other 'projects' and feel like I cannot even think straight much less 'get it all together'! Maybe those people really do accompish a lot of stuff....that doesn't mean we have to or should. We're different for a reason. We are the right parents for OUR children, and our days won't look like anyone else's. It's OKAY if the house is messy. At least, that's what I tried to tell myself after our landlord stopped by unannounced on Sunday!! ;0 As for temp. status, I SO hear you. There are good things about it. But I am really ready to settle in somewhere, decorate, buy a new dining table and patio furniture! It's hard not knowing. Hopefully you will be able to come to a decision soon.

Tiffanie said...

Girl do I understand that living in limbo thing. People will ask me if we are still renting the house we are in, and when I tell them yes, they say "oh so you've gotten used to it?!" NOOO!! But I tolerate it, and feel blessed we have a roof over our head, until we can finally settle down in something that "feels" more like home.

carole said...

Great link. So true. Bee yourself! :)

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