March 11, 2012

Marching On

There was a big, traditional St. Patty's day parade in the town next to ours on Saturday. The boys rugby league was invited to participate.....and the boys were so excited to participate. We arrived an hour before the parade started and got to hang out with all the other {eclectic} marchers. There were a gazillion men in kilts playing bagpipes, who happened to also be big rugby fans. Trying to be discrete, I captured a few photos of our long afternoon. So thankful that it was a sunny day!

My plan was to walk beside the parade, capturing pictures of the boys and blending in with the spectators. Instead, all the parents ended up walking in the parade. There I was, with my purse over my shoulder, carrying a bag of Cliff bars while walking in a really long, and really big parade. Thankful that I remembered to wear my green scarf.

As we walked, you would suddenly hear a large shout from
 the crowd....."yeah, go rugby!
 The group on that roof was particularly cheer-filled and big rugby fans. The encouragement would make us laugh and give us the oomph to keep walking. A couple of times, a kilt wearing man would jump from the crowd and do a rugby chant. Very entertaining.

The boys held that banner for the whole parade.....little troopers. Their hands were cold, and just about stuck in banner-holding position by the end of our walk {which seemed to last forever-we were there for about 4 hours}. It was a very fun afternoon!

*bit o' trivia....the parade was in Morristown, where George Washington's headquarters is located.

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