March 27, 2012

Today is Named Random

Today, we woke up to brown water. It happens now and then. Something to do with a line breaking. I've gained some wisdom by this brown water education. I've learned to remove the clothes from the washer and let it run a few times. I have some blotchy clothes from my pre-wisdom days.

We have some new downstairs neighbors. They are super nice, but I wish they didn't have so many cars. They now take up 3 parking spaces in our already cramped parking area. I'm thankful for legs to we've had to park a bit of a distance away.

I met a very interesting gal today. She started off nice enough.....remarking on how cute she thought the boys were. The next thing I knew, she was asking me why I did not conceive my own children. She asked our race/nationality....when she heard that I was Italian she informed me that her husband's mistress is Italian. She then started a whole speech about random things. It was at this point that I realized her eggs were not all in her carton (poor thing). I realize that I am way to trusting, and too easily talk to everybody.

On Sunday, we went to a birthday party for our neighbor's 2 sons. We ,thankfully, have some very nice neighbors. All of their friends were very friendly and chatty. I learned that they all grew up together, and seemed to know each other so well. I suddenly felt overwhelmingly homesick. Ahhhh, it comes and goes. I'm so thankful that my friends still keep in close touch, but I miss being able to spontaneously visit or meet up somewhere. My desire for roots is getting pretty strong. But where will those roots be planted?? The never ending question. Until we find the answer, we will enjoy this experience..... it is one I cannot even fully put into words.


StacyB said...

Random. Yup. :)
My world really doesn't include old friends. Well, not grow up together friends, anyway. Mostly just homeschool and church friends, honestly.
I hope your heart feels securely plugged in,Mimi!

Jessica Washburn said...

I'm a little too trusting of people too. I sometimes catch myself and hit the breaks. I am curious to see where you guys end up. Hopefully you'll stay close to N.Y., I'd love to meet you in real life next time we're there. :) xo, my friend.

Tara said...

I can handle bleachy smelling water once every 3-6 months but brown water...not so much. Our water is really good here so I can't complain too much.

The gal sounds very interesting. I can't stand Walmart for many reasons but everytime I go, I get the chatty cashiers who want to tell me their life stories. When I got my social work degree, they must have stamped it across my forehead. Mercy!! I just nod in agreement, smile and try to be friendly.

Darcie said...

Yes, I would have to say her eggs were not all in one basket, and what a nice way to put it. ;-) I think I am too trusting sometimes too...ugh.

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