May 31, 2012

Pictures & Ponderings

My favorite quote of the week {by Sam} " I'm sort of like a pork bun from Trader Joe's. All the good stuff is on the inside." 

Remember that roller coaster.....we're still riding it, but instead of those steep ups and downs it seems to be coasting along. When it will stop nobody knows. We are good....we will be much better {soon}. I just know it. I believe it.

I've had a couple days where I actually questioned my faith. I realized that it's sometimes much weaker than I thought. But, that's all good. Ultimately, it all points right back to a God I know I can lean on....a God I need to trust in. Crazy days also remind me of what's important and what's fluff. Fluff can be so distracting.

For the first time in a long time, we will NOT be homeschooling through the summer.  Summer rugby league starts next week, and the pool opens this weekend. Amen, and hallelujah.

Some pictures from our weekend....

1 comment:

StacyB said...

The pictures look like a great time.
I know the ask-your-self-hard-questions mode. I don't like to see others in it. But I think we have to endure those periods at times.

I trust He showed Himself to you boldly.

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