May 23, 2012

Oh, To Live In The Country Again!

Over the weekend, we visited a historic farm that is literally minutes away from us....yet it was our first visit there. It was the most perfect day to visit. The weather was great, and it was a needed escape from "city life".
This farm was once owned by Paul Revere's grandson....and finally owned by Mr Foster and his daughter, Caroline. I wish I could have taken more photos, but my battery ran low. There was a Gothic mansion, a beautiful flower garden and cottage, just lots of quiet & green.  Have I shared we have a secret dream of being farmers? Greg shared, he would either like to live in the city or country....action, or slow. I'll take the country, with an occasional trip into the city. This farm visit made us miss our last house so much.
There was a building with all the Foster cars on display. Sam asked me to take several photos of him getting out of the car. He was hoping to go home and make a stop animation film, but {as I shared} dang battery.

There was some faux cow milking. That is hard work. Greg impressed me with his extensive knowledge of pig & chicken farming as he chatted with a local farmer. He is pretty serious about his farming dream. Oh, if we were a tiny bit younger. But, Greg reminded me of all the people who followed their dreams successfully after 40. Now, to put some courage behind that dream. Problem is, we have a few dreams. Maybe our dreams will come find us?

The milking of the faux cow was their favorite part. Mine favorite part was spending a day away from honking cars, and away from stores, and just soaking in the quiet.

Made me think of this post.


StacyB said...

I love livin' in the country. Albeit without any animals to tend to. I wouldn't mind some chickens if someone else came and dealt with the grossness if one gets chewed up by a fox. I'm sorry... is this public?

Hmmm - Greg is wise about farming... a second career, maybe?

Wendy said...

I hear there's GREAT farmland in VA! LOL :)

Tara said...

I can certainly see why you enjoyed it. I think I am like you...I want to live in the country but I also want to be close enough to stuff. Just not in the middle of stuff all the time. Maybe one day your dreams will come true....farming in the country!

Karen DeBeus said...

Love Fosterfields!! Come out this way-lots of country out here... ;)

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