April 25, 2012

Lots of Little Things

Well, wanted to give a quick update. A lot has been going on, but really nothing huge. It's all those little things. Before jumping back to last weekend, let me share my morning. It involved waking up to find a spider above my head. Thankfully, there is a cathedral ceiling in our bedroom. After many minutes of laying and waiting for it to move, I finally called down to the boys to share what was going on. Sam quickly raced up the stairs to my rescue. The next several minutes involved "stealth spying" as Sam put it. A few times the spider shot down on it's web only to spring back up, which caused me to scream loudly {7:45am-sorry neighbors}. We propped chairs, turned lights on....did everything to get it to come down. Once it finally hit the floor all chaos followed......my whole body gets nauseous at the sight of a spider. Eventually, we attacked it with a lotion bottle and went on with our morning.

                                          {this was our stealth spying hideout}

Last weekend, we went on a long walk/scooter ride through a really neat forest. We met many dogs along the path.....and Greg and I often rode the boys scooters while they jogged behind. I'm sure we were a sight to be seen. On the way home, the boys spotted a garage sale and asked to stop while Greg waited in the car. What did we find? The most awesome & ridiculous thing I've purchased in a long time....a red unicycle {$2!}. I told the gals at the sale that the look on my husband's face would be priceless when he saw our purchase. I was right. Thankfully, he threw back his head and gave a loud laugh. How could I pass up a $2 unicycle?!

Also priceless was the great bookstore near our house. We lingered in there forever.....finally leaving with a few fun books for the boys. I love love love bookstores, and this one was a homeschooler's dream.

Almost forgot another red & spontaneous purchase. While at Costco, I sent the boys and Greg to look for lightbulbs. They came back with a red ice cream maker. The price was right....I checked later and it was 2 times more on Amazon. We are loving it. Our first concoction was coconut milk, a little sugar, and raspberries. So good!!

I'll leave you with a few photos of the boys own cardboard arcade. After watching a video of Caine's Arcade online, they decided to make their own and invite a couple of our neighbors to play {no charge, and they gave away some of their old toys as prizes}

                   {see that pile next to the ball game? that's all going to Goodwill. Phew!}

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Tiffanie said...

That's so cool! We too watched that video and were amazed by it all!! FUN!!

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