April 9, 2012

Whirl of a Weekend

We decided to make a quick trip home for Easter. The day before we left, we said goodbye see you in a year....to dear friends.
                                              {I adore this sweet gal}

                                 {can't imagine the year without them....:( }

We left Saturday morning and arrived at Great Grandma's by 3pm. The boys had a fun day with their little cousins.....and we loved seeing all of our families.
                                           Singing happy birthday........
It was great Grandma's birthday.....she celebrated with a shrimp shaped cake {she loves to eat seafood}. We cannot believe she just turned 98. She's amazing.
                                We also went outside for some football fun.
We took the game very seriously..... actually, most of us had no idea what we were doing.

The next day we egg hunted, munched grandma's traditional treats, and played some more football with my side of the family. We are thankful that both sides of our family live in the same city. Makes visits home so easy.....tiring, but easy.
                                    Loved spending time with all the cousins!

                       And now back to reality....and getting back into our groove.


Tara said...

Glad you got to go back home! Having all the family in the same town would be so much easier. I know the boys loved seeing all their cousins. Awesome cake (as long as it didn't taste like seafood)!!

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures!! I love your style!

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