July 3, 2012

Quiet Days

 Sam has been anxious to try out the $2 garage sale unicycle we found. We geared him up with all the protection we could find. Our awesome neighbor brought her crutches over for support. He didn't get that red unicycle to ride, but he's not giving up. Don't pay any attention to the mess in the garage. Most of it is actually empty plastic bins, with a bunch of random clutter thrown in. My neighbor's garage is empty. Empty. That's my goal for our next move {except for all the outdoor fun stuff}.

 There have been lots of fireflies this summer. The boys were impressed with their mom's quick firefly catching skill....caught it with one single handed grab. We put it in the bottle for a closer look, and then set it free. Not sure the ff was too happy about the whole experience.
                                     It's rugby season! The boys are loving it.
 Did I ever share that we made our first trip to Sonic? Loved the roller skating servers. The french fries were a bit soggy, but the experience was fun.


rebecca said...

Yum, Sonic!! Love summer days.

Tara said...

Love Sonic but we don't have one in our little town though we do have them around. In the South, we call them lightnin' bugs :-)

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