July 16, 2012


 A couple of weekends ago we went to watch our former drum teacher, David, {we've stopped lessons for now} perform at a music festival. The heat was almost unbearable. Just sitting still we dripped with sweat {gross, I know}.
 The boys loved seeing their teacher onstage. He's a professional musician, and has recently formed a new band {The House of Essex}. They were so fun, and the music was really good. Greg said "this is one of the reasons I love living here". All we had to do was drive 5 minutes to this bohemian little town , and we were sitting at a free endless music fest.

Dave and the boys doing their "serious pose" after his performance.

1 comment:

Tara said...

Ha! Don't tell Mr. Dave but I believe Sam and Ross are much better at the "serious pose."

As hot as it has been, it is just impossible to not sweat no matter how gross it is.

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