July 23, 2012

Are You Two Brothers?

Today, while at our neighborhood indoor farmer's market, I realized something. Each time we go anywhere the boys get asked if they are twins. Or, many times people will ask me  while the boys are standing next to me. Literally, just about every time we leave the house someone will ask the question. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind at all. When they were babies I got very used to getting stopped by people. As a new mom {who had waited a long time for them}I was thrilled to share our excitement.

Today was no different. First, as we were walking down the aisle a man yelled loudly "Oh, double trouble". I yelled backed "Double the love" and he gave me a big smile and laughed. Afterward, Sam said "I think that man just insulted us." Ross told him not to worry that the man was just trying to be funny.

Then, as we were checking out, the young cashier asked in awe if they were identical twins. We chatted, and she was really cute about the whole thing. She wanted to know how I could tell them apart {especially when they were babies}.

Finally, as we were walking to our car a gal walking in to the maket shouted....she shouted... across the parking lot.... "Am I seeing double? Are they twins? Identical?".

But, the question the boys get all the time....."Are you two brothers?". It's meant to be funny, though the boys always wonder why they are asked this all the time. I'm telling you all.the.time.

So, it really hit me today how strange it must be for them. From the twin point of view. They don't think about the fact that they look alike, but everywhere they go they either get questioned {which is fine!} or stared at {which can be strange}.

Love having twins. Love that they have each other. Truly, double the love.


Wendy said...

Love it! I'm sure it seems normal to them....they get to gain a new perspective, what it's like to be a single, from all those questions! :) Still praying I might be able to have twin boys someday.

Anonymous said...

Too cute!!
I have 3 kids 2 of them boys. There is 5 years differnce between them and I still call them each other's name all the time. Heck, sometimes I even start calling them one of the cat's names. :)
We miss you guys!!
Sam and Ross are getting so tall!

Tara said...

I've been following you for how long?....I certainly can't tell them apart. I'm sure the stares are awkward. It is kind of like that when people are constantly interrupting our family time to compliment Addicyn. I'm proud but it can get old. Double the blessing!

StacyB said...

Love this post!

My kids get asked all the time if they are triplets...

Do you dress them alike, or do they choose to dress alike. My boys STILL somedays dress similarly on PURPOSE!

really.truly said...

:) I sometimes can't quickly tell them apart!

They actually prefer to dress alike, but mostly dress differently(sometimes similar). I try to encourage Ross to wear red, so people remember "Ross in red". But that doesn't always happen.
Their grandma continues to buy them identical clothes...I think it's a habit from the baby days.

Darcie said...

There is no doubting these two are brothers! I too am so very amazed everytime when you do post on them how endearing their relationship is!

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