October 2, 2012

Lessons From a Cold

A little cold virus has entered our home. We've decided to skip all activities and hunker down. Shhh.... I'm secretly loving it. Because we are home, our days have been open ended with no rushing. I've had many epiphanies and moments of just pure thankful love for my boys. I've been able to listen to them with both ears {and not while multi tasking}. We've been able to read all the books we have started, had  a lot of creative play, eaten hot balanced meals, and the laundry is done.

                                      {from a day at the shore in August}

I have not caught up on replies to emails or phone calls :(

Before this week of forced hibernation I had been feeling overwhelmed and a wee bit sad. Definitely did not feel myself....at all.

The week before last, Greg took a 7 day work trip to France. I never felt fear or worry about the time he would be gone. I am so thankful for how safe I feel in our current temp. home. If we were still living out in the country I know I would have petitioned for grandma to come stay overnight. What I didn't prepare for was the lack of sleep we all experienced while he was away. Allergies and thunder storms kept us up just about every night. So, Greg returned with jet lag and an exhausted wife and kids.

 Then our week started. Our filled up, why did I sign up for so many things, not my style week began. They were all good things....all fun, or educational classes for the boys. What I am learning is that just because we can sign up for all these great classes or activities does not mean we should. No ma'am.

In fact, I've learned that saying no can be far wiser and encouraging than saying yes.

I had a few days where I felt like throwing in the homeschool towel. I thought to myself....why am I doing this? I really don't have to be doing this. All those things above....the exhaustion, the filled up week, the forgetting to listen to my heart....led to me feeling burned out and almost depressed. It stunk. {BTW-I also know that unbalanced hormones contributed to some of those negative feelings and thoughts}. I could see all those annoying things {and thoughts} piling up, but didn't know how to stop. And then this little virus hit our home....

And slowly, because we were forced to just stop...it all became clear again. Less is more. We are committed to several things, so our hectic weeks may continue for a bit, but I am going to remember these lessons I've learned before I make our next batch of choices.

These days are precious. I don't want to spend them wishing I wasn't so busy...or looking back and wishing I had just jumped off the hamster wheel earlier.

And to all of you who have been wise enough to say no and not overload your week by not joining this or that class/activity...you are not missing out. I promise you. I love a quote my friend Jana recently pinned...



StacyB said...

Thanks, Mimi.
I worry now and then I should add more. But really - I've lived what you are describing and I don't do it well. :S

rebecca said...

SO true!!! Love it when there is "margin" in my day. and i miss you!

Ethan Hage said...

Oh I do love our days that aren't rushed. Unfortunately, every one of our evenings is filled with soccer practice since the boys are on different teams and practice twice per week each. Can't wait for the season to be over. Luckily, the field is 5 min. from our home!

Darcie said...

LOVE that quote!!! Love, love, love it! I think as a whole most people would be 10x's more happy if they were just to slow down and soak in life. Why do people feel that they have to be involved in every activity that comes along? I heard once that Satan's greatest tool against God's children is simply to just keep them busy. Makes you think, huh?

Happy Fall my friend!

carole said...

"Stop the glorification of busy." Yes! In the course I;m taking, the instructor says we have an "inbreath" and an "outbreath" to our cycles, the inbreath being more introspective/reflective and the outbreath being more energetic/outgoing. She says we have to listen to ourselves and know when to slow down and nurture reflection, and when to go with the energy that we're feeling. Interesting thoughts.

Jana Guild said...

Yep. I think it is perfectly ok to just 'be'. We are taught that we need to be busy to be important, productive, worthy. We don't need so much outside stimulation to be happy, and yes, less is more. Spend time doing what brings you the most peace, and resist the urge to feel guilty and ashamed of an open schedule! When was the last time you heard someone say, "I've got all the time in the world?"


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