May 7, 2009

My Marvelous Hair Adventure-May Edition

I've decided to start keeping track of my monthly hair salon visits. Because I have short hair, monthly appointments are usually a necessity. I call this my marvelous hair adventure truly has been an adventure trying to find a great cut. My mom is probably laughing at my photos in this post....growing up I was always saying...."Don't look at me!!!"

This month, I decided to try a salon in a town close to our town. I did a little online search, found the names of a couple of salons, made a few calls and then basically said......eeny~meeny~miney~mo. Done, appt made and let the adventure begin.

And, oh how it began. I found the salon , walked in and sat down. I always find the first impression at a salon somewhat important...not entirely though. I usually scan the hairstyles of the various stylists and then look around at the clients. This salon had me a little worried. I honestly felt as if I had transported to a different time....possible the '80's. That was still OK, I was still hopeful.

I had an appointment with the owner, I felt pretty secure in that decision. She came over ,asked my name and then motioned for me to follow her......straight to the hair washing station. I don't know a lot about salons, but I do know that this was not a good sign. Usually a consultation would come first, then the hair gets washed...more chatting? Not this time, we went straight from the sink to the chair....then my stylist starting to snip! Also not a good sign. There was no discussion of what I wanted , what I didn't want , my hair habits.....all the usual questions. Nope, just lots of snipping.

I always become a sudden whimp as soon as I enter the salon doors....this was no exception. I meekly said...."umm, I brought some pictures to show you....of hair". She glanced at them and said "oh yeah, I do hundreds of that cut". And then she kept cutting.....and cutting....and oh my.....more cutting. At this point, I started praying.....please Lord, make her stop cutting my hair. My stomach started turning and I realized that I had been holding my breath. I'm pretty sure that I held my breath....the entire time I was there!

As I watched my hair getting shorter and shorter.....I kept trying to find the words to say.....stop! Nope, no words.....just panic. I did enjoy the activities surrounding me....many of the patrons were gathered around my chair watching the cutting and chatting with the owner. The people were really very nice.....a couple women were the curl and set crowd(y'know 80 and up). They were so sweet....and could not hear a thing that was being said. Everyone obviously knew each other. I LOVE small town living, I love everyone knowing everyone.....but I honestly felt like I was in my own little '80's movie. The only thing I was concerned was the movie going to end.

(that day,styling it on my own...a bit poofy...Tiffani said I look sassy in this photo...I have no idea why my hands were on my hips)

(It was a bit hard to style the next many layers and really short)

Well, if you have read this far....and have not been bored to will surprised to find out that.....I actually....sort of...kind it. Phew. But, I'm not so sure I'm going back? Maybe? It will go into my memory log as a very strange experience....a step back in time, but surprisingly....not one of my worst haircuts. She put lots of layers in, but it's not that much shorter(how is that possible?she cut so much) It's fairly easy to style. I'm still not sure why I was charged more than her other clients?? Though, the cost was still a pleasant change....only $20. That's half of what I might normally have to pay. Not bad at all. Let's see what next months marvelous adventure will bring.


carole said...

I think it looks nice! I've been putting off my cut.
I recommend this hair story by my sister:

StacyB said...

okay - for that cost, I'd go back few more times. Seriously. I am the opposite of a hair snob... it is just HAIR! Why do so many people think they can charge $50 and up for just cutting hair? I'd give her a few more times if she is in your neighborhood, you like the cut, and it was $20.

AND - It does look very nice, Mimi!!!

I forgot to give you the info. for Ontario where I go. I'm sorry. But you go once a month? That would be a long drive monthly.

Remember my hair "rules?" ;) Well, one of them is grow it out in the summer... which should be here soon! And layered cuts are fun to grow out. So if you are thiking about it... now's the chance! *snicker*

Carpool Queen said...

You're bad, bad, Mimi Brown......Love the hair - I agree with Tiff - sassy, but something tells me that it goes with your personality.

I never know how to tell them to cut my big mess of hair, so that's why I keep searching for someone that has a better idea that I do. I think we have the same hair now, but I think you style it better. said...

Mimi/ Mary/ Whoever You Are, how I love you! I will LOVE this new chronicling of the hair adventures.

I had to keep checking to see if I wrote this, but no, that's not me in the pictures. I wish that were my hair. I LIKE! I'm loving the back.

Favorite line? "...umm, I brought some pictures to show you...of hair." I'm such a salon wimp, too. "I guess I could pull off dreds. Whatever you think." Would we equal one strong salon woman if we went together?

Sarah said...

I love it! Hair me, I've had my share of them!
Thanks for your comment on the public/private debate...and my thoughts on the Follower gidget...I just put mine up last week because I read on another blog how it's so convenient for other people who want to come back..and that is very true...pasting and cutting into my google reader is a pain in the butt...but I agree with you on the "highschool" bit...I put mine down low so I don't have to look at it much, because I HATE how it feels like a contest. Yuck.

Dear Abbi said...

Cute! I can relate to the "first impressions" thing...the first time I walked in to my new salon I was surrounded by old white-headed ladies sitting under the dryers. Oh dear...what have I gotten myself into?

It looks cute!

Life with Kaishon said...

Ummmmmmmmmmmmm, I think I thought I was emailing there for a second!

Let me just erase that comment : ).

I love you and your fantastic hair! XO!

really.truly said...

Life with Kaishon-Oh sweet R,the post you deleted had me laughing so hard!!! That last line made me spit my coffee out, but I understand why you might have wanted to delete it;)

Kellie said...

First I must tell you that I am a vain person and my hair is very important to me.

This post gave me the hair heebie-jeebies.
I was afraid for you.

Second, I am also a BIG TIME communicator. I like me some communication, and I am pretty sure that in the hair-dressers job description, Good Communicator is of top priority.

With that said, your hair cut is AWESOME!

Do you think that she didn't say anything because she confused you with another client?

Tiffanie said...

YOU LOOK ADORABLE!!! I think the cut is perfect!!! And for $20...yes, I'd go back again for sure! :)

Alicia said...

LOL..oh my gosh, I felt like I was right there when I was reading this!! I's so hard to go to someone new because it feels like they don't really know you, and know what you prefer! I'm like you in the "not speaking up" department!!!!

But, I like it! I think it looks good! I'm sure w/ all the layers, and shorter, it is alot easier to style!! Honestly, there are only a few people who can pull off short hair, and you're definitely one of them!!

Tiffani said...

Well, aren't you the comment queen today!!!!

I had not seen the pic of the back and I am LOVING it!!

You have quite the "hair" followers! I'll be tuned in and ready for the next edition...

Who knows WHEN I'll enter a salon again...but I do know it will probably NOT be to the last one I went to..I'm just unfaithful that way!!

Michele said...

Look at you Ms. Sassafrass! Your hair looks great. I absolutely love your story. I'm really vain about my hair . . . so I totally understand. I love small town life and have actually been going to the same stylist for 8 years now. She's become my friend and I love her. I hope you find a hairdresser like that . . . even if you have to take a field trip back to the 80's.

Again, you look AMAZING! I can't wait for more hairventures.

Jenny said...

Super Cute and Sassy for sure!! My worst hair cut left me looking something like "Annie" super short and permed to top it off...I still want to cry when I think about it!!

Lisa said...

Not bad, not bad at all, I like it. I know what you mean about wanting the consultation....I would have been very uncomfortable not being asked what i are brave I would have hollered stop
You look great, thank you for stopping by my blog it was nice to meet you, check out my treat yourself tuesday...maybe you would like to treat yourself to something else at that salon or

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