September 21, 2009

B-Ball Break

The weather Saturday was gorgeous.....unfortunately, G was stuck inside for most of the day working on our upstairs project. We decided we all needed some family time and headed outdoors. G suggested basketball, to which the boys replied....."yes! How about boys vs girls! Umm, sure.....3 against 1....sounds fair and even. Not! But, as with previous family sport activities.....I decided to take on the challenge. Not only was I playing b-ball against 3 very sporty and quick boys, but I was yielding a camera while doing so.

We pulled out the flannel pajamas the night before.....the boys loved how cozy they were. Sam loved his flannel sock monkey pajamas so much that he decided to go for the...."record for wearing monkey pajamas the longest!"- his exact words. Add in his glasses that turned to shades in the sun and you have one stylin' boy.

Technically, I should have been the one defending....or offending...not sure of the b-ball term, but yielding that camera became a necessary distraction.

The boys took turns with their b-ball skillz. At one point, a ball was out of bounds....Ross tossed the ball to me and told me to do a thrown in to my teammate. My teammate? I actually threw the ball myself. I've actually mastered that skill.....having played a good amount of 3 vs 1 games.

Sam would stick his tongue out each time he tossed the ball.....I love that little tongue.

It was a nice break and a fun game. I do believe that Sam....did in fact.....break the record for monkey pajama wearing.


E @ Scottsville said...

"....and the FLOWERS went wild!"

Just had to throw that in as if they were your fans cheering you on. =0)

Amber said...

You are awesome! I always demand someone be on my team with me....but I usually get the baby! What is really fun is when we beat the pants off the big boys!!!!

Fun day with the family!!

Darcie said... you, and at Erica's comment above.

Laughing also at the tongue thAng...he even left it out until he saw where the ball went. We all know sticking out the tongue helps!

Tara said...

I linked you with my Music Monday for yesterday's song post. It's too wonderful for my visitors to not see/hear. Hope you don't mind.

I love that he's playing in his pjs and you took on the challenge of playing alone. You should have posted video of you inbounding the ball to yourself! You've got skills, girl!

Carpool Queen said...

Tell Sam that MJ stuck his tongue out, too, when he played.

That would be Michael Jordan.

Not Jackson.

Pam said...

I love the concentration he has with his tongue sticking out! I'm sure 3 against 1 is fair! Especially if you were holding a camera! : )

Bunny, THE PARIS HOUSE said...

Mimi, what a great day you and your family had!! I love it when Oliver sticks his tongue out when he is concentrating, it is so adorable. Your boys get cuter ever day!!
Enjoy this glorious time of the year

momstheword said...

Your Cosmos look so pretty right next to your house!

Girl, you are a team of One!

I always claim that "the sun got in my eyes" even if I'm playing indoors, lol!

Tiffani said...

we can't wait for basketball to start!!

looks so beautiful up there! we've had TONS of flooding and rain upon rain upon rain down here...

I LOVE the sock monkey much like my children! Julia has worn her Barbie gown for days on end and she's had it since last year!!

Talk soon??? Love you!

Alicia said...

LOL, you threw the ball to yourself!! That is hilarious!

Pilar said...

so talented! only a mom can do so many things at once :)! LOL

Beth in NC said...

Ha, too cute. Love the monkey PJ's!

Life with Kaishon said...

You are the coolest and funnest mommy on the planet! I am SO glad he broke that monkey pajama record. That is a good record to break!

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