December 14, 2009

My Interview With Carla

I've been pushing and pushing encouraging my friend start a blog. I've known Carla almost as long as I've known G. When we moved out of state......we talked almost every day. We've walked with each other through many trials. Back then... she was homeschooling 2 young daughters.....these days, she has a job that she loves and her daughters have grown into wonderful young women. Because she didn't want to start a blog.....and because she always leaves such interesting funny comments on my blog.....being the faithful reader that she is.....I decided to ask her a series of questions. Sort interview.  She didn't want me to post a picture of I found a sweet one of her daugher....Jo....holding one of the boys.

 I found this interview thing rather fun......I just may be interviewing you soon ;) are we related? What would you call us? I'm not sure if there is a term for how we are related. Your husband's mother is the sister to my sister-in-law. Since I don't think there is a term for that relation...I just consider us sisters.

You've known G for a long time.....what is your earliest memory of him? Probably of him running around in this outfit that made him look like that Angus guy from the group AC/DC! He would wear these long shorts and a button down shirt with suspenders! I am not kidding. And I'm pretty sure his bangs were cut straight across. Now, remember, he was probably about 6 years old!

You were married before, how long have you been a single mom? I was married before? Oh yeah, I forgot. I have been a single mom for 18 years!

What is one thing you wish married moms would not say to single moms? That they "can't wait until their husband gets home so that he can take over"!

We are different in so many are like the Ethel to my Lucy, or the Frog to my Toad, or the Sonny to my Cher.....we are super close, but butt heads to...why is that? Because we are individuals who don't feel the need to brown nose each other. We are so secure in our friendship that we don't have to check up on each other or worry about who the other is hanging around with. When you hang out with or talk about Laurie or Mindy or whomever, I don't care, it doesn't bother me, I don't get jealous...because I know that you and I don't have that same kind of relationship that you have with them. Does that make sense? Probably not, but you know what I mean. By the way, I think I'm Lucy....because I'm funnier.

You have always been my grammar police....have you always been knowledgeable about grammar? Was english your best subject? I have only become "good" at grammar since homeschooling and because grammar is about the ONLY thing I can teach, I have to make sure that everyone around me talks properly!

You have left some interesting comments on my blog.....I know it's just YOU being you feel that you are often misunderstood? Oh my goodness YES!!! When I leave those posts, I would never have EVER thought that someone would actually sit there and take the time to even think about them being rude or whatever. If I ever thought or wanted to say something rude to someone, I would keep it to myself because I don't feel the need to hurt people. What kind of person would I be? I just always figured that you know me, that you know I have a very dry sense of humor and those posts that I wrote were meant for you only, not for someone to think too much that sounds harsh but it's not meant to be. If I am one thing, I am truthful!

What is 1 of your biggest pet peeves? Only one? Probably arrogance...or people who think they are better than me because they have more money than me, a better horse than me, a better house than me, a husband, or money....I could go on...the funniest thing about that is....there will always be people who have more money, a better house, a better husband than THEY do!!! No sense in trying to keep up with the Jonses. We all need to be content with what we have and to get on our knees every day thanking Jesus for what He has given us.

You are known for "calling the manager" you still do that? I have to still be like that. I definately believe in standing up for a kind and gracious way...I believe that even more because I have a daughter who has severe learning disabilities and some people have walked all over her and have treated her very poorly....I cannot allow that to happen to her and if I don't teach my girls to stand up for themselves, then who will?

What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to be a strong, loving, kind, caring, selfless Christian mom, daughter and friend. You know what? Although I'm 48 years old and getting old, fat and gray, I still feel like a 25 year old and I still believe that I'm a pretty cool mom. Like I say to my girls...what friend of yours mom would do half the stuff I do with you guys? You know Mimi, even though I don't have a husband, or alot of money or a house with enough bedrooms so my girls can have their own rooms....I am so very thankful and grateful for everything that we do have and I wouldn't change anything.


Will I ever be able to get the visual of G as Angus out of my head??? Funny thing.....he remembers that as well.....even the exact clothes he was wearing. Too funny.


Delane said...

So funny!
What a nice friendship to last for so many years, count your blessing girls - those don't happen too often.

Darcie said...

I think Miss Carla is a type of friend that we all need. One that can be totally honest with us, and correct us on our grammer now and again. Wait...I have that in my teenage daughter. ;-)

I have noticed her comments from time to time, but I totally understood that she must be a great friend.

Good interview Mimi...and I enjoyed reading your answers Carla!

carol g said...

You guys have a very special "rare" friendship. I am very blessed to have both of you as my precious friends.
I think what I love about Carla the most is...What you see, is what you get. So many people mislead us to think they are just like you.
My Pastor was teaching about friendships one Sunday. He said, We all need a friend who's going to tell us if we have a booger hanging out of our nose. I turned to Jim and said, "That would be Carla." I e-mailed my Pastor the next day, and let him know that I was fortunate enough to have that.
I love you both!!!!! I thank the Lord for the wonderful, unique friendships we share.

Michele said...

This was a lot of fun to read. I love interviews!

Carla said...

That's what he looked like! Now to add to that...just picture him about 4 feet tall and Amish (because of the haircut)!

Carla said...

Oh, and that picture of Jordyn (Jo), SO CUTE! She's 15 now so it's hard for me to remember when she was so little! Look how little that boy is too...not sure which one he is but it wouldn't matter, I still can't tell them apart!

Carla....AGAIN! said...

All of you girls are making me cry. Besides being upfront and honest, almost to a fault sometimes, I am a very big crier. Carol and Mimi...ask my girls how many times I say to them "I want so badly for you girls to have close friends like I have in Mimi and Carol." This type of friendship is something so wonderful and awesome that truly there are no real words that can describe how important you two are to me. I just wish every woman, girl could have this same type of thing in their lives. Truly to have that, it would change the world.

Tara said...

Looks like this friendship will last forever! I like the interview idea but I don't think I have anybody I would feel comfortable interviewing :-D

E @ Scottsville said...

Ha ha ha

Great interview Mimi!!! That was FUN!

I really loved her comment about NOT being JEALOUS over friendships that you might have. I need to teach that to some of the women down here in my area. Ugggh! Nuff said!

Lorrie said...

Hilarious! This is great. Carla sounds like a great Lucy or Ethel...whoever is who at the time....I love the stuff about you guys being so secure in your relationship. I have two friends like that in the world and they are priceless...Love the interview.

Lorrie said...

I just read Carla's comments and I'm getting teary eyed...I'd be crying but I have a 6 year old being "stronged willed" at the moment so it's ruining the moment for me...anyhoo...I am very careful what I say around single moms because I know they carry more burdens in some ways then I I shouldn't complain about things I take for granted. With that said...poor Carla...she's into grammer so I pretty much butcher the English language...I was an Art major in college and I took enough English to graduate. Now I forgot why I commented again...doesn't matter...
Yeah to Carla and Mimi!

Tiffanie said...

That's so awesome! What a great friend you all have in each other! :)

Serendipity is Sweet said...

What a fun post! I enjoyed reading it. Best friends are priceless!

Its So Very Cheri said...

OK so I have been reading through some post so I can get to know you a bit better. It sounds like you had a crazy girl episode--I'm not interested like that--just the good kind of interest.

We used to live in NJ--we lived in Franklin Park, just north of Princeton and used to go over to NYC a lot.
Cheri from Its SO Very Cheri

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