December 22, 2009

Mini Hair Adventure and The Gingerbread House That Wasn't

It all started with the best of intentions. Grandma came over for a gingerbread house making afternoon with the boys. The kit made it look so easy.....6 easy be exact. We had all the supplies and went right to if we were building an actual house. We were serious....and had high hopes.

The boys were having so much fun....they started singing a Christmas song together. Not really.....they were actually chewing on some of the gummy candy. They remind me of little birds in that picture.
The house was coming along so was almost too easy.....we were all so proud of our creation.

Until the walls decided to cave in.......and we had enough with all this creative Christmas fun. We tried.....that's all you can do, right?

So moving on.......I went to my hair appointment over the weekend....with my usual stylist. We are comfortable with each other.....she just sits me down and gets to work. But on that particular day.....I said....I'm done growing it out. I need some sass back.....go ahead and snip away. So she did. Anyway.....I grow it, I cut it, I grow know how it goes. In this particular picture.....I meant to focus on the hair, but I can't take my eyes off of a white head on my nose.....that will.not.go.away. .....thus the pensive look on my face. Makeup would have been a good idea, too.
I hope everyone is well.....and not feeling too rushed. I've not been online much this week.....I miss catching up with everyone. Thinking of you all and praying for a happy, healthy holiday.


Tara said...

I've been letting mine grow out too and it's long enough for a mini-ponytail. Maybe I've just had short hair for so long (only 4-5 years) that longer hair is getting on my nerves. My ends and roots are atrocious so I'll be making a trip in January.

Stacey said...

Stupid gingerbread house! It wasn't their fault! lol

I like your sassy hair! I have been trying to grow mine out, but it's already driving me crazy! I'm not sure if I will make it.

Delane said...

oh the gingerbread house....this is a multi day project. You have to build the walls, then dry, then the roof, then dry, THEN finally decorate. It was very frustrating for my boys to spread it out like that, the little ones quickly lost interest. Too bad it didn't work - at least they got to eat some candy!
Love your hair!

4 Blessings said...

I LOVE your hair. It is so cute.

We tried a nativity gingerbread kit a couple of years ago and it was funny too. My kids are going to their aunt's house tomorrow to try to make a gingerbread house...hopefully it won't collapse.

Merry Christmas!

Carla said...

Where's the whitehead?

E @ Scottsville said...

Oh, I love your hair Mimi! I'm thinking abouta going and having my lightened some today... but not chopping it off. I'm actually starting to get to that point where I'm liking mine longer at the moment. This could change next week, but for today - I'm okay with the length. But I need some color! =0)

I can't believe y'all just gave up on the poor gingerbread house?! Poor littla fella (as if it has feelings and is of the male species). I wanna come fix it! Those are so fun to do!

Theta Mom said...

Oh, that gingerbread house! Have a wonderful holiday Mimi!!!

Tiffanie said...

You all are better than me! I would NEVER even attempt to recreate a gingerbread house! LOL Glad you all had fun!

Your hair is marvelous!!! As you are too! ;)

mama3 said...

We have found that it is easier to use a hot glue gun for the gingerbread houses than it is to use the frosting. I know that it's not edible that way, but at least all the hard work is able to be shared with family and friends for a bit before it falls apart.
They looked like they were having a lot of fun building it though and that is all that matters.
I like your hair too.......very pretty!! I don't see the white head either :)
Have a great Christmas!!
Love ya!!

Bunny, The Paris House said...

Hi Mimi, Your hair is gorgeous, why oh why can't I have straight hair (: I would love to have a chic hair style like this but I have Shirley Temple curls when I cut it and it turns into a big giant triangle LOL Your boys are having a blast with Grandma, how fun and even more fun is a collapsed Ginger Bread hOuse that you get to EAT..YUMMY.
Have a very Merry Christmas sweet friend and may God Bless you and your entire family.
(PS, as I am writing this comment my blackberry just beeped w/ your email and I just read it OMG :)!!...I'll email you in a few minutes)

Darcie said...

I have heard horror stories about those gingerbread houses...sorry yours didn't turn about.

Good looks awesome as always! Lovin' it girl! Keep your looks good on you. ;-)

Alicia said...

Well, at least they could enjoy the candy, right? LOL!!

And I love your haircuts. Sassy is good!! If I could pull off that hairstyle, I would so do it!

Christie said...

I always want to grow out hair grows slowly and by the time it hits my shoulders, I'm tired of it and want it short again. :) It's about time to chop it off!!

We did that same gingerbread house....and had the same results! It was a mess! My oldest was determined though so I hung in there. I wish I could find the picture of our gingerbread house. It looked slightly abandoned with half its roof sliding down and one wall kind of turned in. Plus all the missing *decorations* thanks to the younger sneaky ones......

Daphine said...

Merry Christmas!!!

Daphine said...

Well atleast you guys attempted making the gingerbread house. That's what counts!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the new hairdo girl!
I don't see the whitehead either! You look fabulous!

Dani Joy said...

OH that would have been us and the Gingerbread house for sure. Only i would have stressed out trying to make it work. oh my!

I love your hair and the highlights. Can I print your picture I want that color! ;) Love it!

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!
Merry Christmas to you and the guys!

Dani Joy

Bona Fide Mama said...

i had a white head under my eye that stayed for a long time and finally went away randomly. i used tea tree oil on it. maybe that would help! lol

Life with Kaishon said...

I totally love your hair. I didn't notice your forhead...except that it is wrinkle free OR your nose....except that it is boogie free : )

I think you are beautiful!

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