February 12, 2011

Between the Lines

I should be taking a shower and getting ready for the day. We are heading to the beach. Yep, it's freezing and we are going to the beach....hoping to see some seals. At least find a fun restaurant along the way.

I'm writing this for no particular reason at all.....well yes, there is....I'm writing this for me.  I may write about the little things going on....grocery shopping trips, our day, basic stuff. Through it all....there is so much more going on. I often think...after writing.....but, that wasn't the full picture. There is always so many more details...I'm sure this is true for all of us.

This week.......

There have been emotional lessons learned.

There has been worry over heart issues...of the physical kind. With every breath.

There has been encouragement from long distance friends....and encouragement given back.

There have been birthdays gone bad.....words that can't be taken back.....but apologies accepted.

There have been attitudes needing adjustment.......feelings hurt......forgiveness.

There have been smiles masking pain......and then replacing pain. Smiles.

There has been real, deep, growing, and feeling life.

And right now as I write this......I swear it's a message from the good Lord.....my neighbor has his music playing so loud......and I'm dancing in my chair. I'm going to miss that loud and restless guy. The song he's playing? The Doobie Brothers....Listen to the Music....{I kid you not}

"List'nin' for the happy sounds ....And I got to let them fly....woah oh oh listen to the music"


Darcie said...

I think it's great to write out your week of emotions. Helps you never to forget...what needs changing and what you need more of.


Tara said...

Oh my gosh! I missed your birthday. I have been so busy with Andrew's birthday, re-doing his bedroom, preschool, real estate work that I missed it. I hope that although the actual birthday may have gone bad, your year is fantastic!

Anonymous said...

All the little things you listed are what make life - LIFE! The roller coaster ride (sometimes it's fun, and sometimes you just want to get off!)

And hey, if you're going have a loud-music playing neighbor, sharing the same taste in music is a must!

Hope you have a fun ride this week!


Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

LOVE that sign from above! (Or in your case, from next door.) :)

Polly said...

Dance to the music friend! Birthdays gone bad, can totally relate to that one. Thank God for forgiveness. Thank you for sharing your emotions, makes us all feel less alone on our journey. I hope the beach was a fabulous treat!

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