March 2, 2011

Scenes From Our Move

The Internet and phone have been off for days. Crazy chaos. So glad to say goodbye to this floor plan....and those annoying rails (I called them baby gates)

I forgot about this bag of Tansy herb behind the bed. Ummm, the movers thought it was something else. Awkward.

{I think he's checking out my bag of Tansy}

We used my parent's metal cart for everything but the heavy pieces. Our townhouses were about 50 ft apart.
Lots of walking. We are all SO sore. I used muscles I had forgotten about.

Thankfully, the weather was great. That's a smashed pumpkin on the sidewalk....remains from the fall.
{waiting at our new entrance}
We have 2 of these big bears. They had to be carried up and down many stairs and barely made it in. Thank God for removable railings and strong men.

{the door next to us belongs to one of the only people we know in our complex
Our tiny decks are touching}

{so thankful for our new floor plan and our treetop temporary home}


Wendy said...

So glad it got to get settled. Still praying that you'll get it all done, peacefully, and that there will be some soothing rest for your mind (and muscles!) real soon. Can't wait to catch up!

Tiffanie said...

Yeah!! That is TOOOOO funny about the herb, what is Tansy anyways??? so funny

Ruth said...

It is almost over! Settling in - to your liking - will take time, but at least the heavy lifting is all done. :-)

If that tansy herb belonged to someone else, I'd be suspicious. Herb behind a bed in JA? You're going down! LOL!

carole said...

Thanks for making me smile with your picture of the muscly man looking at your herbs. So funny! It looks like the new place has nice light coming in from the windows. I pray that your unpacking and readjusting is peaceful despite the chaos!!

Puzzled said...

Finally catching up on your blog after a month of travels. YAY, you moved :-)I love all the posts.I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes. And I am glad you posted the dancing pics. The kids and I really enjoyed seeing the boys breaking it down. Oh, and Vanilla Ice?? Classic.

I hope the new temporary place fills your heart with sunshine. I miss you terribly. There are no words. It's almost enough to make me want to come back to NJ....except I live on the beach in sunny FL now. So, we voted and we think y'all should come visit us!!!!!!!!

Big, huge hugs to everyone.


Alicia said...

I'm lol'ing at the mover looking at the bag!! So funny!!!!!!!!!!

I'm glad you guys are all moved in!!!!

Tara said...

I forgot to comment or rather didn't feel like commenting while I was sick as a dog but the herb did give me a smile. Glad you are moved and starting to settle in.

Pilar said...

moving..... uggghhhhh I don't miss it. But new beginnings are always so exciting

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my word. I don't know how you did it all. ICK to the nth degree!

These Are The Days said...

Yay for change, hope you LOVE it. I'm thinking of moving again, our lease is up in two months...cannot seem to make myself do it though, it's SO much work. :/ I know we'd save a ton on gas though, but decisions are hard and change is hard on my boys (school in particular) so we probably won't.

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