March 11, 2011

Because Today was a Long Day

Our day started out good.....then got bad......and ended good. When it was bad, it was really bad. I've  reached the stage where my kids will verbalize their angst toward me. I spoke with my mom....she said that we used to do that. My mom always makes me feel better.

My boy {who verbalized his angst toward me} told me that he wished he could turn back time. He wished that he could take back what he said. Me too. We went to the playground later and played basketball with some of the complex kids. Because I am a crazy b-baller...I got hit in the face with the ball{hard}. My boy, that same boy was the first to offer to sit on the bench with me. Melted my heart.

Earlier...things seemed so yucky and frustrating.
Now, as we wait for our pizza {roasted peppers and onions} in our warm and cozy {red ugg free} new rental....things seem nice and calm.

{time flies.....feels like yesterday that they were this little}

Parenting is hard. Pizza is good. Changed attitudes & forgiveness are awesome.

{seriously....double fisted and full of love}


Sherry said...


Now you've made me want a pizza! ;)

Casey // align my heart, my body, my mind said...

Great post & those throwback pics melted my heart. Hope your face recovers from the b-ball attack!

Polly said...

i love and admire the fact that you have such an open communication with your children. your love for them is so real and true. their baby shots are fabulous, so cute. hope you are having a speedy recovery from the bball injury. pizza is good, especially with chocolate

Alicia said...

I'm just so thankful that our kids love us unconditionally!!!!

Your boys are so adorable! And you and your hubby are such great parents!

Wendy said...

I saw some boys last week, while out on a walk, that looked as if they might be twins...resembled your two a good bit. Got me thinking of you. And I love that pic of you feeding the two of them....always thought I'd love to have twins!

Ruth said...

We had a really rough morning, but - shortly before I read this - my almost 5yo came over to inform me that he really wants to do right "but things are so hard in this sinful world!" Someone is very selective in what they absorb from sermons... ya think?

(I almost choked on my saliva!)

My sister is my sounding board as I navigate the curves and turns of motherhood, since my mother doesn't seem to remember much. :)

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Those are the cutest pictures - the boys just look absolutely squeezable! I think they're going to be adorable, big teddy bear men with big bright smiles someday! I love the one of you feeding your little guys! You just look like you've got your whole system set-up and mastered!

We have our bad days too, but they are easy to turn around - have grace for yourself and the rest will follow.

Pizza and hugs make it all better!

You're a great mom, Mary.

Darcie said...

Hugs to you my dear! Parenting(mothering), is the hardest job we will ever love!!!

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