March 18, 2011

And The Days Fly By {with pictures}

*I just found out that March is Endometriosis awareness month.

It's been a strange week. My endo. has wreaked havoc on my middle section. Because it's spread through out my abdomen it causes all kinds of burning, squeezing, burping pain. Which results in insomnia and a fog. The fog then causes our days to get off course.....on top of the move having caused our days to get off course. So I ask my self....from what course am I off?

The insomnia allowed me to stay up and watch a reality show that I catch now and then {the one with Betheny Frankel in NYC?} In this episode, she asked Rachel Ray how she keeps her day normal. I loved RR's answer "I don't and I don't try to". I love that.

 Who came up with normal anyway ?

{my fridge w/ organizing ideas}

What is normal? I know what I think is a normal day for a homeschooler. At least, all the perfect orderly days that I read about. We are not normal. I dare say that we have never had a normal day.
{sweet edible bouquet sent unexpectedly from a sweet friend}

Some days, I am fortunate enough to eat unexpected chocolate covered strawberries. Now, that is a good day. I wouldn't mind that being normal.

We are living and learning. Playing and resting. Balance without extremes. Building character and fine motor skills. Growing minds while allowing creativity.

{portion of our Give Thanks board}

I often share that I feel like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. I'm slowly learning to
find that square hole instead {the one that fits}....I don't need to try and fit into the round one. The square one is just fine, if not better than fine.

*remember: all this is coming from an abdomen-stressed-post-moving-insomniac.

Now it's time to get outside into that spring-like air.


Darcie said...

Sorry you have been in so much pain this week. Makes for one long week, and too much fog. I agree...go enjoy the spring that is in the air. Have a wonderful weekend Mimi!

Sherry said...

Hate you're having so much pain. Praying you can get some good sleep soon!

Again, a post by Mimi has made me hungry! lol I don't even remember the last time I had a choc-covered strawberry--yum! :)

Ruth said...

I've been having similar endo drama, and I finally decided to take the leap and try the endo diet. Seriously. That 'no wheat', 'no sugar' thing is huge for me but I have decided to take the figurative bull by the horns.

I will definitely let you know how it's going, and I pray you will feel better soon.


Tiffanie said...

Awwww...hate that you aren't feeling well!!! Praying for you friend!

really.truly said...

You guys are so sweet. I hope I didn't sound all whiney!! Such is life....and endo pain is life. No biggie. But....please don't take my wheat and sugar Ruth!!! I love my wheat and sugar :)

Ruth-I hope that your pain fades{hugs}

Tara said...

Ewww painful! Hope you start feeling better very soon! I know what would help me...that edible bouquet. I could eat the whole thing in one sitting probably minus the canteloupe and honeydew. It was a beautiful day here...hope you made it outside!

Jana Guild said...

You poor girl. That sounds miserable. Do you have to endure that forever? I don't know too much about it (and since it's awareness month, maybe I should learn more....) I hope you feel better this week.

Normal is an illusion and you're perfect just as you are.

I love some of those decorating ideas - wish you were here so we could take a DAY LONG trip to Ikea and shope and eat and shop some more. Oh the fun we'd have.

Love you girl!

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