April 13, 2010

Latest Adventure: The good , the bad and the ugly

The good......we decided to visit a new town on Sunday. It reminded me a lot of our hometown with all it's cute shops and quiet streets....I especially loved this condo building  and it's beautiful windows.

These apartments were across from the diner where we ate. For about 5 minutes we discussed the idea of renting an apartment in this charming town...above a shop. We could walk to everything.....there was a Trader Joe's behind this building. Probably not the most practical idea for us....I'm guessing it might grow old fast. Though, maybe renting a house or condo might work?? It's fun to think we are moving again....crazy....but fun.
We played some football in this park(in the same town)....the cutest little boy asked if he could play with us. I went over and chatted with his abuela....that is we tried chatting. She spoke only Spanish and I spoke severely broken Spanish. It was slightly comical. She ended up calling the boys mom on the phone. All I heard was "Americana" and then she handed me the phone. I found out that the boy had just moved to the area and was lonely...it turns out his mom is a realtor. Interesting...maybe she'll find us our next home? :)
It was a full day....in that same charming town we found a lake where you could rent pedal boats. I just love that town!! The boys had a blast....we all did.
The bad......after we ended our fun day we walked back to our car. There waiting for us was a parking ticket.
We want to go to court and argue the ticket. We were parked where the black pickup is now parked (I warned the driver). There were no "parking prohibited" signs...I just don't get it. Very frustrating.

The ugly.....a couple weeks earlier, I walked out to my car to find it had been hit. Someone hit my car
and drove away. Ugh. I'm not having very good luck with my car in NJ.
Not so pretty.


Darcie said...

Say it isn't so...your pretty car. :-( Looks like a cute town...cute apartments too! I imagine it is a little strange to think of moving again...something to get excited about at the same time though I suppose.

4 Blessings said...

Love the idea of walking to everything. As always...love the pics of the boys.
Many blessings,

Tara said...

Now that looks like my kind of town....living above an Ann Taylor and within walking distance of food. Probably not the best choice for me. Are you still planning to stay at the current place for a year or move before your lease is up?

That stinks about the parking ticket and your car. People are so dishonest these days. Yesterday I walked out to our mailbox only to find out that somebody had hit it. I was so mad but about 230pm somebody knocked on my door and it was a neighbor coming by to tell us he'd hit it. He was willing to fix his damage but because it had been hit before (and the guy didn't fix it right that time), it is still wobbly. I thanked him for being honest!

mama's smitten said...

Hi Mimi! Looks like an adventure you guys are having! I have been VERY lazy about blogging but I still check in! I often think of you ! Glad too see you guys are having fun with your new endeavors!

Life with Kaishon said...

I love the little town. So pretty. I have no idea how you are going to move again. Oh. my. goodness. moving is like my LEAST favorite thing in the whole world! : (

I have a very good friend who just got her realtors liscence and she is so discouraged, so if you are interested I could definitely give your her information. She is SERIOUSLY the sweetest girl on the planet. I think she is 50. She is going thru so many traumatic things right now I just know you would love her.


Delane said...

I like the looks of that town too! The park is gorgeous! I miss having developed parks where we live. It's fun to look for a new place to live, and since you will have time to look - hopefully you will like it better! Hope you have better luck with the parking next time...tickers are terrible!

Jana Guild said...

That looks like a really cute town. I'm glad you're some fun in your new place. Change serves a purpose in making the most vivid memories. It does seem like it makes you focus all your energies on the present moment because you're really taking everything in.

So sad about your car :( They shoulda' left a note!!!! Shame, shame, shame!

Pilar said...

That is a very pretty town! It is funny though because i haven´t been up north much and didn´t think you could see little towns like that up there.... it is so pretty though. Love the fact that you can go walking everywhere, I miss that from spain.

bunny, The Paris House said...

Hi Mimi, looks like a very interesting day. That is too bad about your car, I'm glad you guys weren't in it!!! I think you said it is fixed now, I hope so. Friday I have a hair appt in Mendham at 12:45-2pm, if you are nearby stop in and have a cup of coffee with me!! This weekend its sports all day Sat. with the boys. I can't wait to see you all at Oliver's party. I picked up goody bags today for the kids. Hope all is well.

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