February 16, 2009

Frisbee anyone? How about s'mores ?

This is a photo of the farm land next to our house. G-man explained to me the what and why of the big clumps of white---but sadly, I have retained none of that information-because, all I can think of when I see those big white things are marshmallows. And then all I can think about are smores!

The boys wanted to venture outside today. It was awesome...not too cold and the snow had melted . We started with some bocce.

Then we moved on to frisbee. Do you notice in the background a big rectangle made of wood? That would be our never fully frozen ice skating rink. Bummer! It was a good effort, but just did not work this year. Too much freezing and thawing. We might give it another go next year. The boys and I decided to tear it apart before it snows again. As soon as we started pulling the plastic back, a mouse jumped out. I thought the boys would run(like their mom) but instead they wanted to get closer and closer.

We gave up on the rink because the plastic was still a bit frozen. Now we have a lovely plastic mess in our front yard. Sorry G-man.

We decided to go back in for a little rugby in the basement. G-man is all about rugby. Thankfully, he has given playing the game up. He played in college and for a bit when we were first married. He's taught the boys a few moves.....which they shared with me this afternoon. They went easy on me. The best part was that while keeping score they were practicing addition facts and counting by 4's. I love it when fun and learning get all mixed up!


Tiffani said...

Always look like so much fun at Frumps Findings!! I wish we lived closer so that we could do stuff together with the kiddos!!

We went to an indoor playground place today! It was GREAT! I would've totally run away from the mouse too...no worries! :)

carol said...

Mary, you are such a good mother. You're boys will have such wonderful memories of all the fun things you've done with them

I look forward to see what you guys are up to everyday...God Bless you all!!!

I'm feeling better today...Thanks

Tiffanie said...

Not too cold out???? I see bundled up boys with hats that cover their ears!!!! I would say by the looks of things that you AIN'T a southern gal! LOL We are back into shorts and tshirts around these parts...busting out my sweatsuit is about as cold as I like it! :)

Looks like you had a great day! I LOVE all the property you have....sigh...I'd LOVE that!

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