January 30, 2010

Another Roadtrip

So, I came back to NY for a couple of days.....grabbed G and the boys....and drove back to NJ. I wanted the boys to see their new town....or actually have G help me choose a town. Plus, I was determined to find a place to rent for the year.

We loaded in the car....and hit the road. We also hit a snowstorm that caused our trip to be much longer than we expected. The boys were bundled in the back seat. Ross had a little green hat on that kept twisting and turning. At one point he said....."I look Scottish in this hat".
We chatted and listened to music. When this song came on the radio it made us all a little homesick.... (NY is known as the empire state)

Ross had us giggling....when we drove through the city of Syracuse and he saw the tall buildings, he asked if we were in NYC. We told him no, but then we all started chatting about NYC. He exclaimed...... "I'm not feeling sad anymore, I'm curious. Hey Sam! I'm curious about New Jersey."

He remained curious for most of the trip....and well into our first day in NJ. After meeting with a realtor and viewing a number of houses.......his curiosity turned to exhaustion. As did all of ours. All the rentals that I had viewed with my girlfriends...did not look as good(for us) during my second viewing. Our realtor actually did not have a whole lot to show us...discouraging.

We trudged back to our hotel.....tired, hungry and confused. This is where I would like to shout a big....."thank you-you are just so sweet!" to Bunny. (her wonderful blog is...The Paris House )She lives within an hour from our new town and was just so gracious and welcoming. We did not get to meet this time, but I look forward to meeting her soon!

So, speaking of the hotel....
We all shared a few tears about moving......shared our fears and thoughts....and shared more than a few hugs.

We also shared......some take out Chinese food. I have to say....it was some of the best Chinese take out I have ever had.

After dinner.....we got a little silly with the camera. I blame it on being exhausted....we were also trying to make the boys laugh with our poses.

I think I see a couple of smiles forming.

Maybe a few giggles too?

We are looking sad and tired.

By morning....we were feeling refreshed and a bit more positive. We prayed and asked the Lord to lead us to our home. We believed that he already had it chosen for us.
We visited a few apartment communities...and were pleased to find one that has a super large sports area for the boys.....a temporary home that will meet our needs for the year. I can't wait to share pictures once we move in.....in March!

We are leaving our roomy home.....built and decorated just the way we wanted it. We are leaving 5 acres of fun in the country.....and we are leaving those we love dearly.
But.....we will be together. We will be just fine ;)


carole said...


Thanks for sharing.
Your boys are so sweet.

Jana Guild said...

So emotional! You'll look back on the journey and it will be heaped in with all the other good memories of your life. Moving is so tough, but it really is bittersweet (which means there IS a sweet part coming!).

Thinking of you and praying!

..and you look so cute in your photos, by the way!

bunny, The Paris House Designs said...

Hi Mimi, You all look so adorable in the pictures. You have a beautiful family. I'm happy to see all those smiles on your boys faces. I think once they get settled and start exploring they will like it, it is just a big adjustment.
I know I keep saying it , but I am so excited to meet you. I think it is so amazing with all the billions of people on this planet that we have our blogs and through them we met each other and now you are moving close..!!
Have a nice and relaxing Sunday

Serendipity is Sweet said...

Aw, so many big changes for your family. I can understand your fear and anxiety. But, it is also a wonderful adventure (and a whole new world of opportunity) for your family to share together and it sounds like you are making the most of the opportunity to bring you all closer.

I wish you all many blessings and smiles on your journey.

These Are The Days said...

You're right. As long as your together and well...it's all OK. I'm happy to hear you found a place to stay this year. You all look so happy (maybe delirious), but it doesn't show. Road trips are fun and just remember ADVENTURE! At least that's what my boys always shout. Hang in there, you have a lot to do for the next while. Wish I could help you out some how!!

Wendy said...

Mimi, I'm constantly amazed at your ability to...let go. I am still struggling...I know God has a plan in all this moving...but it. is. tough! You encourage me with your honesty about your family's sadness and tears as well as with how positive you are trying to be in this 'season'. One thing I do know, despite my fears and sadness for myself, is that He does have something wonderful for us(and you!). We just have to obey Him and lean on Him and not on our "own understanding". Miss you, and I'm still praying for you!

Tara said...

It was still in my blogroll from a few days ago. Hey, if nothing else, you found a great Chinese take out place. That has to count for something!! But, I think you are going to like it better than you think. There will definitely be an adjustment period but your family will be ok....just like you said!

Theta Mom said...

Your family will be ok! And you guys are so cute...wondering why you went private with the blog and does this mean you are really moving to NJ???

Jen said...

Wow, I cannot believe all this, but I am so excited for yous!!! I know the Lord walks before you...so has your house sold? So many questions...hope to see you before you go.
Love you. Jen

really.truly said...

Jen! I need your new email...lost it.

ohio12 said...

Can't believe the big change. And it is happening so fast. Not to make it about me, but I sure wish you were moving to COLUMBUS, OH!

Alicia said...

Awww Mimi!! This post was so sweet! I love how that you were making the most of it at the hotel! I can imagine how much you are going to miss your home, and all that space. It's exciting to hear though, how God is going to use this experience for all of you.

Can't wait to hear more, Mimi!!!

Carla said...

I didn't think I would be crying by the end of this blog but I am. I don't think it has sunk in yet. I don't know if it will but right now I am very sad. I'm not going to say I'm happy for you because I don't think I am, happy yes, that Greg has found a job, but that's the only thing that I like about this whole thing. I know you guys don't want to go...really...and I know I don't want you to go either.

really.truly said...

And now I'm crying too.

This is so hard. I will miss you and the girls so much!!!

Carla said...

Oh my gosh, now that I am thinking of it more, I am really struggling with this. I'm at work with tears in my eyes, not to make you feel badly but it's just crappy. The Lord is in control though so we have to trust Him.

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