July 14, 2011

Breathing & Relaxing

Greg has been cracking me up lately. The way he enters the house after work each day......."What the?" is what he says {he's not saying "what the f%&*#" just simply "what the?" . It's a total inside joke, and he has me laughing about it every day.

The thing about Greg, he's very easy going. I am not always as easy going. Yesterday, I asked him his thoughts about a certain situation I have been pondering. He gave me a very relaxed, no biggie~ kind of answer. I didn't like that answer. I wanted him to share my passion. I wanted him to give me truth, but I wanted him to agree with me, too. LOL. He wasn't disagreeing, but he also really did not care one bit. He felt I should not be giving the situation the time & energy that I was giving it.

And he was right. But, I didn't like that he was right. My emotions wanted passion. I didn't want a carefree attitude.

You see, he had been reading the news before he came home and he was feeling different emotions. He actually had tears in his eyes when he shared what he had read. And he was right, again. The situation he read about deserved tears...and was worthy of emotion. The trivial thing I was talking about did not deserve big emotions... though it was still hard for me to shake my irritation over it.

The news reminded both of us that each day is truly precious. We hugged each other intentionally last night. We hugged a bit tighter and longer. We hugged the boys every chance we got. We made sure to say "love you" before he drove off this morning. I wish we didn't need reminders from the news. In fact, I may need to take a break from reading the news for a bit.

But, as corny as it sounds....I'll welcome those extra long & tight hugs. And I'll try to be a bit more easy going, too.


Darcie said...

Do you ever notice how our spouses have a way of evening us out? So glad you have that in Greg. Sadly there are reminders to hug a litte longer and a little tighter...thanks for reminding me today.

Anonymous said...

I need the level-headedness of my husband all the time. And it's true, we do allow certain situations to rob us of what is really important. Sometimes you've gotta kick the other stuff right to the curb!


Carla said...

Forget about all that "feelings" stuff...more imporantly, does Greg have WHITE pants on in that first picture? Say it ain't so!

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