July 8, 2014

On Dentists and Thunderstorms

Today we met our new dentist. Yes, I'm not proud to admit it took us a year to find a dentist. Back in NJ, we were faithful 6 month visit people. Finding doctors here has been a chore. Thankfully, my boys enjoy going to the dentist. Today was no different. While I sat in the chair getting my teeth cleaned my boys hung out in the waiting room chatting with the equally chatty receptionist. The thing is.....my boys are usually timid or stand-offish with people they don't know. Today, they did not stop talking....the three of them discussed edamame, basketball, and a bunch of other topics. Other than my cavity, it was a very good dentist visit.

Today also brought a big rain storm. The thing about rainstorms.....they usually contain thunder. Ever since living in NJ and experiencing two hurricanes ( Sandy & Irene) Sam has a strong reaction to thunder. If the power goes out ( another reminder of the hurricanes) it's even more of a stressor. Since moving back to Roch, we've gotten used to Sam's thunder protocol. Usually, Sam will shut all the curtains and then sit on the couch - ears covered and faced buried in a pillow. That's just what happened today when a thunder filled power outage rain storm came upon us. This time, though, as Sam and I sat close together he also requested music.....Steely Dan's "Reelin' In the Years" to be exact.

As I sat there with him I couldn't help but smile. I know my boy will overcome this fear. I pray he will overcome it soon. But at that moment....Greg and Ross were sitting nearby reading books, Sam was buried in his pillow- ears tightly plugged, and Steely Dan was filling our room with music. It was sort of crazy, and funny....but totally perfect.

He next requested The Lumineers and then Building 429. I just love that boy.

I also love friends who text me during rainstorms because they know Sam so well. Texting just to see how he is doing and to tell me they are praying for him.  So sweet.

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Ruth J said...

Great 'seeing' you again! :D

Will be praying for Sam too. {{{HUGS}}}

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